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24 Legacy: S1 E8

24 Legacy: S1 E8

What an action packed episode! Here's the recap.

Eric/Andy: We return with Andy as a (understandably) nervous wreck and Eric trying to keep him calm in the back of Jadalla’s van. They arrive at Jadalla’s new compound and Jadalla immediately separates the two. Smart move. One of Jadalla’s men starts punching Eric! Minutes later, Jadalla has a little chat about Eric and their similar (yet different) lives—he even calls Isaac out for making eyes at Nicole. Then, Andy is told to recover the data, with a gun to his head, and Andy triggers a virus. Andy prepares to die…but Jadalla gave him a fake flash drive! This dude is smart! Andy still refuses to work on the new flash drive and Jadalla puts a large knife through his leg!!! Agh!!! Andy finally agrees to help them.

Andy is minutes away from having the flash drive ready and Eric tries to cause a ruckus and sets off a grenade. It doesn’t do much and he gets his butt kicked. Even Jadalla tells him he’s wasting his time. Eric still has a few threats in him and Jadalla replies back with a “We’ll see.”

Nicole/Isaac: Nicole wants Isaac to go back to help Eric and she tries to guilt trip Isaac. Girl?!?! Seriously?!?! Then a truck approaches them and begins shooting! They go on a foot chase, led the two men to a warehouse and take both men down! Booyah! Nicole wants to call CTU, but Isaac is a tad smarter than that and calls his crew.

Isaac began torturing one of the kidnappers for Eric’s location. His crew arrives and Isaac gives them a pep talk about helping to retrieve his brother. His crew isn’t down, but Nicole steps in and gives her own pep talk about family. They’re ready to roll out! But…Nicole has to stay put. He gets one of his men to watch over Nicole.

CTU: The episode began with Tom getting loose (that didn’t take too long) and he immediately calls into CTU. He briefed Keith on everything that has gone down in the last hour. I did not appreciate Keith talking trash about Andy.

Mariana and colleagues are close to having Andy and Eric’s location. However, National Security is ready to launch a missile into the compound, killing everyone (including Eric and Andy) once the coordinates to Jadalla’s location are found.

Eric recognizes one of Jadalla’s men as Naseri (one of Jadalla’s big counterparts oversees who was presumed dead), but Naseri tells Eric to keep quiet. Jadalla starts trash talking and Eric starts talking back and gets him riled up. Just when Jadalla is about to shoot Eric, Isaac’s men come barging in! A major shootout ensues! Andy calls Mariana who tells them they have to get out in 3 minutes. They start running and Isaac gets shot (!), but they get out of the building just in time. The missile hits the compound.

Eric begins searching through the rubble for Jadalla. CTU arrives (all late) and Tom finds Andy (in rough shape) with the flash drive. Eric finds Jadalla and questions him about Naseri, but Jadalla dies. He tells them all to lock down the perimeter and begin looking for Naseri—who’s just around the corner! He begins leaping around like Spiderman and escapes. *beep boop*


Rebecca/John/Tony: Back at Tony’s compound, they are prepping Henry for interrogation. John shows up to meet with Rebecca and he is NOT happy. Rebecca is trying to tell him they will just fake torture him (you know, just triggering pain receptors, nothing big *eye roll*). John sees that his father is okay and he passively gives them the okay to begin the interrogation, but then proceeds to berate Rebecca for having this whole torture compound in place.

Tony begins his interrogation and Henry is not talking. Another dose of the pain serum is administered. Henry still isn’t talking. A couple more doses are administered and John freaks out and stops the interrogation. Tony is ticked. Rebecca gets a call from Keith telling them about finding Jadalla’s whereabouts.

Highlights: Great episode! Lots of action and they found ways to move the plot forward.

How will Rebecca and John recover from this? Is Isaac okay? Nicole can’t be safe, right? Leave your 24 Legacy reactions in the comments!

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