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Scandal: S6 E6 Extinction

Scandal: S6 E6 Extinction

This was an Eli-centric episode, which are typically great! Let's go!

The episode opens with Eli eating breakfast (of course the baddest man eats the most important meal of the day) when he receives a package…with a tiny purple toy dinosaur. Then we see him attending a lecture about raptors from Sandra, a former graduate school friend. She found a rare dinosaur and wants Eli’s help with the project. These two have some nice chemistry! However, as he begins his new job with Sandra he spots a tiny, pinhole camera in her lab. Eli follows up with a buddy and the collector involved in Sandra’s lab doesn’t exist. He sprints to Liv’s house requesting a Marvin Gay album—i.e., searching her home for cameras and listening devices.

Eli returns to Sandra’s lab to play some Marvin for her and pour her favorite drink from 40 years ago. We learn she tried to be with him 40 years ago, but he didn’t follow through. They are getting all romantic as they reminisce, pulls her in the closet…and pulls a gun on her to interrogate her.  Sandra says the Lady in the Red’s people want him, threatened her, and are everywhere (even the earlier lecture). Eli comes out of the closet like a badass and asks to speak to the people running surveillance. They’re crazy. Eli asks what they want and they want Mellie in the White House. They make a deal—Mellie in White House in order to protect Olivia and Sandra. Eli meets back up with his boo and he promises her safety—and they hook up!

Eli has to find a way to get Mellie in the White House ASAP. His underling tries running by some ideas, and they decide on rigging voting machines. Liv comes running to his home when Huck discovers he is rigging machines (again). She wants to run a clean campaign and tells Eli that she reversed the voting machines. He basically tells her she’ll never win on her own. Bloop.

Next, Eli is trying to convince his boo to run off with him to Zanzibar, but she isn’t going. They re-hash their whole history, and he discloses how he’s trying to protect her. She still ain’t going.

Two days before the election, Eli’s flunky says he can’t rig enough machines. Former Woman in Red shows up to Eli’s home (in the dark, all creepy) and her people have Sandra kidnapped. SHE tells Eli to assassinate Frankie and frame Cyrus.

On election night, we see Eli find out that the voting tampering wasn’t going to work. We see Eli scurrying around. He zaps a secret service agent and creeps through all the back areas of where Frankie would be giving his address. Eli is ready to shoot Frankie from up under the podium (how exactly is this going to really work?!?!) and…he hesitates and stops. We see a gunman from long distance pointing his gun at Frankie…then we see Eli shoot Frankie, the gunman shoot Frankie…and as Frankie falls to the ground, he sees Eli, and Eli shoots Frankie again in the head!

Eli gives his guy instructions on another mission on a sheet of paper. He’s worried, but said he would follow Eli’s orders. We see that he was later the initial suspect for Frankie’s murder. When Eli returns to the lab, Former Lady in Red is super happy and peppy. They release Sandra for Eli, but Eli has one more mission. He calls Jennifer to tell her to place the fake call! Eli and Sandra are about to ride off into the sunset…but not so fast. Former Lady in Red’s buddy says he’s not done working with them and discusses how Sandra is his weakness. Eli gives them an I’ll-show-you and shoots Sandra!!! In the head!!! “I have no weaknesses!” Wow, oh, wow!!!

But these people aren’t easily scared, they threaten Olivia’s well-being. They want Cyrus in jail and Mellie in the White House.

We then fast forward to the scene where Olivia confronts her father about shooting Frankie (we saw parts of this earlier in the season). After, we see him mourn Sandra. Fin.

Overall: It was a good episode. We got to see more of Joe Morton’s acting chops. However, the reveal of Frankie’s murderer wasn’t that shocking. I wish ABC would quit with the hyperbolic commercials.

Quote(s) of the Week:  

  • I raised a warrior! —Eli
  • Have you ever heard of a rapper named Young Thug?!?!—Eli
  • We get it. You wanna put a ring on it and take her to get shellfish of some kind.—Former Lady in Red             *I cackled. Shonda and her writers are on that BeyHive life*

Prediction(s): Where do we do from here? I guess we have the new B6-13—a power greater than Eli. I’m not really here for it unless Mellie or Fitz have some involvement in the end.

What are your thoughts on the “big” reveal? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

24 Legacy: S1 E8

24 Legacy: S1 E8

Roll On: March 19, 2017

Roll On: March 19, 2017