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This is Us: S1 E18 Moonshadow

This is Us: S1 E18 Moonshadow

This season went by so quickly! Let’s hop into this emotional finale:

28-year-old Rebecca & Jack:

We get a young Jack serving as a auto mechanic for a Ms. Peabody. We learn that Jack was a mechanic in Vietnam. Mrs. Peabody then decides to play matchmaker with a young woman she knows. Later, Jack arrives home and his abusive Dad chastises him for not having a job. We see Jack has a lockbox where he stores away any spare money. Jack meets up with his friend Daryl outside of a for-sale building which they hope to buy and turn into an auto body shop. They discuss how it’s taking too long for them to save money, so he asks Daryl to hook him up in this poker club. Later Jack gathers some money to go out (to the poker tournament we assume) when Mrs. Peabody calls to tell him he has a date for Friday. Daryl and Jack head to the poke tournament anyway. Jack is playing his first hand pretty aggressively, but gets lucky and wins the large pot. He leaves after that one hand ($1500!) and while celebrating outside, they get jumped and have their money taken while being told they can never come back. Daryl and Jack have a talk—Jack disclosing he wants a different life—and Jack plans to go back to the bar and take/win his money back.

Young Rebecca is hanging with her ritzy friends who are busy discussing weddings. Her friends want to set her up with someone so she doesn’t go to the wedding alone. Rebecca says she wants to focus on her career and she’s even preparing a demo tape for Elecktra Records. Her friends are not very supportive of her dreams of being a singer. Later, we see an excited Rebecca arrive home to a letter from Elecktra Records—a rejection letter. So, she calls her friend to set her up on that date after all.

We have a nervous Rebecca checking into a restaurant to meet her date. She’s afraid that he might not show up and she would have missed an open mic gig. We assume she’s there to meet Jack, but alas, she has a different date! She leaves him (because he’s boring) to go sing. Meanwhile, Jack and Daryl plot to rob a bartender! As Jack is about to take the cash, he sees…Rebecca singing at the same bar and becomes instantly enamored.

40-year-old Rebecca and Jack:

We start right where we left off. Jack is making the 2-hour drive to see Rebecca’s show—while drinking several beers while driving. Fortunately, he makes it safely to the venue. Once instead the venue, he immediately goes to the bar and orders a bourbon and a beer. Rebecca and Ben are getting ready for the tour and Rebecca is super nervous. Ben goes to console her, then swoops in for a kiss. Rebecca freaks out on him and bolts out of the dressing room. She tries to call her house, but obviously no one is home, to tell Jack she loves him. Jack is still at the bar throwing back shots and he asks where he can find Rebecca, but no one knows. He roams around the back areas of the bar searching for her and bumps into Ben. Ben accidently tells on himself and Jack begins pummeling him, and Rebecca walks in to see the aftermath. Rebecca decides to drive Jack home—missing her band’s big debut.

A silent Rebecca and drunk Jack drive home and when they get home, Rebecca immediately deletes her message on the answering machine (P.S. It was hard not to type voicemail hehe). Rebecca confronts Jack on his drinking (and drunk driving) where he discloses he has been drinking for weeks. She accuses him of conveniently drinking when things have been going well for her. Jack and Rebecca get into a huge blowout: Rebecca says she’s a ghost in her own home! Jack says all he does is support everyone! Rebecca tells him to let his father out! Where did everything go wrong?!?!

The next morning Rebecca comes downstairs to speak to Jack. She says they both meant what they said and they shouldn’t jump to apologies. Rebeca suggests that Jack go live with Miguel for a while (WHAT?!?!). The episode ends with them separating and discussing how they will tell the children. Jack tells Rebecca how he was supposed to have a date the night they met. He then tells her why he loves her. “You are my big break.” Ugh, tears flowing! He leaves the house anyway per her wishes.

Kate: Kate tells Toby she decided she wants to sing.

Kevin: Kevin leaves for L.A. to meet with Ron Howard and kisses Sophie goodbye (temporarily, maybe).

Randall: Randall flips through a photo album of him and his Dads. He tells Beth he wants to adopt a baby.

Overview: What a powerful and emotional episode. I loved the Red Herring that Jack did not die in a drunk driving accident. All these events (even the past ones) will drastically change the course of the show. I’m in for the ride! See you in the Fall!

How powerful was that episode for you? What do you think about the Big 3’s new career and life trajectories? What do you think Season 2 has in store? Leave your This Is Us reactions in the comments!

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