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24 Legacy: S1 E7

24 Legacy: S1 E7

Ya’ll saw the previews—one of the kings of 24 is back!!! Let’s jump into the Tony Almeida (2nd) resurrection episode.

Eric & Andy: Andy is having a afternoon (after the explosion) and his car alarm is going off. He gets to his car and discovers Eric is the one who set off his alarm—Eric needs his help with the sleeper cell list USB. Eric wants him to erase the drive rather than actually Jadalla's people the list. “How will we get out of there alive?” Andy asks. Ummm, Eric gives him the obvious answer. Andy has #lifegoals. Andy cares about his life, bruh. However, he signs on to help Eric.

Andy and Tom have a brief conversation in CTU while he goes to get his laptop. Side note—I thought Andy and Tom had a thing going on last week, but I was uncertain and didn’t mention it in last week’s review. Andy makes amends with Tom, grabs his laptop, and says goodbye.

Eric and Andy are about to leave when Tom approaches them with gun in hand. He knew something was up because Andy was not covert AT ALL when he left CTU. Tom says he can’t let the two of them go, and him and Eric get into a fist fight!!! Andy pulls a gun on him, they tie Tom up, and Andy continues to write working on the USB.

Jadalla and Eric have a phone exchange, so they can meet. If anything fishy happens, Jadalla says Isaac dies first. Tom is trying to convince Andy to stop helping Eric, but again, Andy says goodbye.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Issac are locked up together. Isaac makes apologies for his past wrongdoings, then tries to kick one of Jadalla’s men. The men take Nicole and have her fix up Jadalla who had been shot. Her and Jadalla have an intense get-to-know-you exchange. He threatens to kill her man and she says, “You better not miss…because he won’t” Awwww, snap!!

Eric gives Andy a pep talk as they reach an auto junk yard—Andy is sweating buckets! While Nicole and Isaac are riding in a van to meet Eric and Andy, Isaac confesses his love for Nicole. The van stops and the showdown happens—they want Andy before Nicole is released, but Eric's not having it—Eric even pulls a gun on Andy! This is tense!!! They let Nicole run to Eric and then he demands his brother. Jadalla is being generous. Eric forces Nicole to get in the car to get away and Isaac tries to talk his brother out of working with Jadalla. The brothers finally make amends and Nicole and Isaac take off. Eric and Andy both surrender to Jadalla and they think the deal is done. However, Jadalla orders one of his men to follow Nicole and Isaac and kill them. **beep beep**

CTU: Everyone is flustered after the GW bridge explosion. Rebecca gets permission from Keith to get Henry released from CTU custody. Immediately after, she sneaks to a stairwell gives someone a call—Tony Almeida! Rebecca and John reunite briefly, but she is really trying to distract John with a debriefing while Henry is being released. Rebecca tells Keith that she’s working with Tony. He says, “Tony’s a criminal!” Who cares!! We love Tony. I digress…

Henry is being escorted home when a van and motorcycle roll up, throw sedation gas in his vehicle, and masked men kidnap him. Tony’s people take him to an isolated location, where Rebecca meets them. Jealous (and Hot) Motorcycle Girl notices that Tony and Rebecca were making eyes as they greeted each other—they used to date after his wife died (RIP Michelle)! So much drama this episode!!

Tony begins questioning Henry. You know what time it is—classic 24 torture time! Tony threatens to inject Henry with a serum that will cause him to feel like his skin is burning from the inside-out. Ouch!

John gets a call from his father’s buddy who tells him his father was released from CTU and has gone missing. John bolts right outta the debriefing room and confronts Keith. He knows his wife played him and threatens to call the Attorney General. Rebecca speaks to John and she assures him they won’t do anything to his father until they speak further. Okay, sure.

Highlights: “My son is a U.S. Senator!”—Henry      “Okay.”—Tony       Hahahahaha!

This was the most action packed episode of 24 Legacy thus far. I think we’re in for a good run this season.

Are we going to see Henry’s skin burn? Will Nicole and Isaac get away safely? How long is Tom going to stay tied up??? Leave your 24 Legacy reactions in the comments!

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