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Scandal: S6 E5 They All Bow Down

Scandal: S6 E5 They All Bow Down

The episode opened with Sally Langston, so you know it’s gonna be good. However, the timeline jumps made this episode a bit hard to follow. I had to watch the episode twice to sort the details differently for this recap. Here we go!

Ballard VP Announcement

The episode opens with Sally on her talk show discussing Jake being named Mellie’s VP. The episode opens with Jake drinking as they believe we will soon be VP. He is worried about being Olivia’s puppet. Vanessa Ballard is telling Jake not to worry about Olivia—that others will “all bow down” to him. Okay, yeah sis.

Two Days after the 1st VP Debate

Jake meets with Olivia to get feedback on his performance at the debate, but he’s acting passive aggressive. Olivia and Jake have a showdown (!) and he tells her that she doesn’t matter to him anymore (!!).  Jake also tells Olivia that she’s just like her Daddy. Olivia says she has to win a clean election in order to feel good and gain redemption after Defiance. Oh boy.

When Jake gets home, Vanessa accuses Jake of sleeping with Olivia. She realizes that she knows nothing about Jake and he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk to her. He hands Vanessa a drink, but Vanessa isn’t giving up. “The woman is a famous mistress!” Oooo, Vanessa. Jake leaves without a word. We see Vanessa’s drinking habit beginning.

73 Days Before Inauguration

Sally opens her show discussing Cyrus being a murderer. Coldblooded. Sally is supposed to interview Jake and Vanessa Ballard. They cut to Jake and Olivia, and Jake is giving Liv the cold shoulder. Quinn is using her brain again. Trying to push Olivia to investigate Frankie’s murder (thus exonerating Cyrus) again. Minutes later, Quinn returns to tell Liv that Huck found Vanessa, and now they have to postpone the interview with Sally.

Huck finds Vanessa drunk off her booty (with a cutie bartender) following a drunk driving accident. Once Jake finds out, him and Vanessa have it out at Pope and Associates. Jake calls her disgusting! What went wrong!

When Vanessa begins sobering up, she accuses Olivia of being a mistress (presently) to her face, accusing her of currently sleeping with Jake. Damn! Then Olivia yokes Vanessa up against the wall of Pope and Associates. Double damn! Luckily Huck walks in. Vanessa then reveals that Jake was texting some woman during election night, and reported he left and was missing before Frankie was shot. Duh Duh Duh…

Flashback to Election Day

Jake meets with Eli Pope. Eli says Olivia completely failed her “mission.” He tells Jake that it’s time to come home and hands him a dossier…

Back to 73 Days Before Inauguration

Olivia brings Vanessa back home and tells Jake that he should have told her about their problems. Liv then questions Jake about any secrets. Of course Jake denies any problems. Vanessa comes back downstairs and confronts Jake again on being distant. She breaks down and tells him that she purposely ran her car into the tree. Jake consoles her…kinda, we see that he is considering killing her, but doesn’t. Creepy! Instead he tells her that he can never tell her about his past because it is so dark. Vanessa freaks out and goes running.

The next day Olivia assembles Pope and Associates to run recon on Jake and figure out his post-Election Day timeline. He was missing for 9 hours. They discover that he was all the way in Springfield, VA. Why was he all the way out there? Blowing up Jennifer Field’s cabin!

Olivia sets up a meeting between Mellie and Vanessa. Mellie gives her a stern talking to—schooling her on the game. “Suck it up and run the world!” She convinces Vanessa to hang in there and Vanessa conducts her interview (with Jake) with Sally.

During the interview, Olivia sends the team to investigation Jake’s hotel room where he has been going to for weeks, but the room was clean. Come on, Liv. Jake was part of B6-13—He quickly blows their plans and confronts Olivia on it! Jake hands Liv folder and…Liv meets with Daddy Eli. Poppa Pope set-up a wire transfer in her name, wired money to Tom, and money was wired to it to frame Olivia for Frankie’s death!! Eli dismisses her. Not so fast! Eli meets with a mystery woman—this woman set-up the account, not Eli. Eli doesn’t like that his daughter was threatened, but the Woman in Red says Olivia is expendable! This woman appears to have more power than Eli. Who is the Woman in Red?!?!

Jake meets with Olivia and takes her for a ride—very, very far away, deep in the woods. Olivia is getting anxious as Jake isn’t speaking and throws her phone out the window! Is Jake going to kill Olivia?! She seems to think so and he’s not doing anything to ease her worries (“First rule of self-defense: Never get in the car”). As they’re walking toward a cabin in the woods, Jake is talking about the orders he received from Eli to kill Jennifer Fields. Then they walk into this isolated cabin in the woods and Jake walks to the back and reveals…Jennifer Fields is alive! What?!?!

Overall: Please stop the Jake-Olivia, brother-sister talk. It’s gross. Otherwise, this was a solid episode which will likely set the tone for next week’s big reveal (Frankie’s murderer!) and the rest of the season.

Last guess: Who killed Frankie?? Will there be repercussions for Jake not following Eli's orders? Will Vanessa stay in the game? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments!

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