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This Is US: S1 E14 I Call Marriage

This Is US: S1 E14 I Call Marriage

Rebecca: Rebecca’s singing appeared to continue and be consistent enough for her to be out late on the regular. Now she’s considering a 5-state tour. I think she’s going.

Jack: Can Jack get any better? Soulmates stay together. Renting out their old apartment for a date? The. Best.

Miguel: Miguel tried cheesy stand up at Jack & Rebecca’s wedding to no avail. Now we hear that him and Shelly divorced.

Kate: Kate is pushing through her retreat and really committed. However, Toby and Creeper’s distractions aren’t helping. Kate—stay out of cabin #13!!! It ain’t worth it.

Toby: Toby visited Kate with her favorite things, but ran into Creeper. One thing I don’t like about Toby is that he appears to sabotage Kate’s efforts to lose weight. Although he was sweet at the end, these continued interruptions might be a problem for them.

Randall: Poor Randall. I can’t handle a second father dying. Then Sanjay is taking his accounts at work. Things are starting to crumble for him, but at least he has Beth’s unwavering support.

William: My dear, William. Spending time with his newly found granddaughters in his final days brings me joy.

Beth: “I call marriage tonight. I need my teammate.” The. Best.

Kevin: I thought it was so cute (yet entitled) when he tried to receive his middle school booth at the restaurant. Then I found out he cheated?!?! Then he created a fake Facebook profile to keep up (i.e., stalk) her?

Sophie:  Sophie ain’t having Kevin’s shenanigans of popping up after years of absence. But she's a glutton for punishment like Kevin and is willing to hear him out. This will end badly.

Overall: Those vows at the end…Why do they want all my tears?

Quote(s) of the week: “That shirt wasn’t cool on Sisqo in 2001.”—Beth

Predictions: If William is supposed to die, I wish it can happen painlessly and quickly. I can’t have it drag out. Also, Rebecca is going on tour and that’s going to cause problems. I hope she’s not away when Jack passes…

Do you already hate Miguel? Were you yelling at Kate to not go into that cabin? Leave your This is Us reactions in the comments!

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