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Scandal S6 E2 Hardball

Scandal S6 E2 Hardball

Olivia: “Knees together.” Really, girl? Liv lost a ton of my respect today. Finally, Mellie forgives Liv, but Liv betrays her. Now, she’s all in Quinn’s business. Fall back, Olivia.

Mellie: “I was blind, but now I see!” She was in love and it was great. It was good to see Mellie genuinely happy for the first time in the whole series. And then.. “Without me, you have absolutely nothing!” and then..."It hurt this bad when you left Fitz." This roller coaster relationship is crazy.

Marcus: “Are you crying?” Huck has jokes. Marcus and Mellie are (were?) so adorable. Teaching her how to pitch, then Moonshine and Chill. Mellie really let into him in the end. I wonder if he can forgive her. Lastly, please grow your facial hair back. Please.

Fitz: So, I don’t like Fitz. Haven’t for a while. The way he speaks to Mellie (both when they were married and now as an ex) is disgraceful.

Cyrus: Unity ticket? Who is putting Cyrus up to this? Something isn’t right with him. What happened before the video began running?!?! What did Cyrus do?!?!

Huck: I’m sad that Huck has been relegated back to hacking. There’s a lot of stories going on, but I hope Huck comes back to the front soon.

David: David is done with all of these shenanigans.

Director Webster: She wants some Fitz. I’m curious to see where this story goes. Olivia knows what she’s doing.

Quinn & Charlie: He’s busy wedding planning when Quinn is investigating. Oh boy!

Abby: Abby was my favorite character; however, I’m not a fan anymore. I know Liv did some shady stuff to her—as she mentioned, breaking up her and David—but seeing her and Liv’s friendship in the earlier seasons, I just can’t imagine her being so nasty to Liv now. Now she’s working with Fitz and Jake—no bueno.

Jake: Jake is channeling Negan (#TWD) with the peepee pants city.

Prediction(s): I don’t think Cyrus was involved in Frankie’s death. Honestly, Fitz has the most motive in wanting both Olivia and Mellie out of the White House. We’ll see…

How deep does Frankie’s assassination attempt go? Will Mellie and Marcus reconcile? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

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