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HTGAWM: S3 E11 Not Everything’s About Annalise

HTGAWM: S3 E11 Not Everything’s About Annalise

Sort of a slow week, but I think the story line will be high speed soon. Buckle up!

Wes: Wes was talking some smack to Frank! His whole puppy attitude seemed to change in that last week.

Annalise: Jail is still rough on Annalise.

Frank: Frank, you didn’t kill Wes over no Laurel. Was that a honest admission of killing Wes’ father?

Bonnie: Pick up the phone and call Eve. You are way in over your head.

Laurel: Laurel is playing smart. Not giving Nate too many details, keeping Bonnie at arms distance, and kicking Meggy out of her life. Laurel experienced more in that house than she’s letting on.

Nate: He’s playing way too many sides.

Connor: I'm tired of his back and forth with Oliver.

Detective Atwood: Watch how you talk to Nate, girl. Around this crew, you don’t have much time left.

Oliver: He knows way more than he’s letting on. Again, what’s on that phone?!?!

Michaela: Get her, Michaela! Baby Annalise in the making. She went all in on Soraya. I think she can come through and save the day.

Asher: Was the massage scene pointless or was it to show that Asher really doesn’t care about what’s going on? I have my eye on Asher…

Who Killed Wes Prediction(s): I don’t think Bonnie would have killed Rebecca AND Wes. I’m still hanging onto Nate or Laurel.

Thoughts on this episode? Do you think Bonnie could have killed TWO people? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Scandal S6 E2 Hardball

Scandal S6 E2 Hardball

Roll On: February 3, 2017

Roll On: February 3, 2017