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HTGAWM: S3 E15 Wes

HTGAWM: S3 E15 Wes

Finale time! This episode was crazy twisty, so sorry for the organization in my thoughts.

Wes: We start the episode by getting the exact timeline of his murder night. Nate does leave. Wes makes a call to Annalise to inform her that he is at the house and encourages her to come home. Then, someone grabs Wes!!! At the end of the episode, we see Wes fight with the assailant after he was injected with some drug. We see Wes struggle and get suffocated…and it was rough!

We find out later that at the end of the voicemail, Wes confesses to Sam’s murder along with incriminating the team in the other deaths.

Annalise: We see Annalise and Nate driving somewhere at the beginning of the episode. Annalise as a lunch date with Mrs. Sylvia Mahoney! She has no piece of empathy for Annalise. Mrs. Mahoney refers to Wes as “that boy,” which sets Annalise off. After bickering, we find that Wes is actually CHARLES Mahoney’s son—Mrs. Mahoney’s grandson!!! Mrs. Mahoney still doesn’t give a damn, even after Annalise still confronts her with taking away her child. Mrs. Mahoney insists that Annalise doesn’t have the full story.

Annalise goes to visit her burned down home (Side note: Will she get this home rebuilt or get a new one?). She is hunting for something—a picture of her, Sam, and their baby.

Annalise meets with the DA and provides him a story of Wes’s involvement in each of the murders over the last few seasons. She pitched him the theory that Wes killed himself. The DA ain’t buying it again, and again Annalise threatens him and…Annalise gets the deal and Connor has been released.

The episode ends with Annalise attending an AA meeting really doing some difficult grief work. She then comes home…to Frank! He’s remorseful and apologetic and bowing (literally) at Annalise’s feet.

Laurel/Michaela/Asher/Oliver: Michaela, Asher, and Oliver are trying to find Connor. In the process, Asher gets arrested temporarily. This crew is all flustered. Oliver is even willing to set up the DA in order to get Connor back. Totes adorbs. In other romance news, Asher tells Michaela he loves her. Random. Unfortunately, Michaela doesn’t say it back and runs. She tells Laurel that due to her childhood she doesn’t know how to love or be love.

We see Laurel is battling morning sickness. Later the team pitches an idea to frame Wes for everything. Laurel is ticked! She tells Annalise that Annalise never knew Wes or what he would have wanted. The next day Laurel’s head is a bit clearer and she has thought of another plan. A gorgeously snatched Michaela enters a restaurant/bar and sits next to…Charles Mahoney. Mahoney invites her to his home. Michaela meets up with the team in the bar bathroom and Michaela tells Asher she loves him! Adorbs but not the time ya’ll!!!

Laurel has a gun and is ready to kill Charles on the street when…she is stopped by Dominic…the guy who killed Wes…who works for her father!!!

Connor: The DA has Connor detained somewhere! Connor is stealth as always but the DA threatens to go after him for Sam’s murder. Later, Connor is officially arrested for the murder of Wes!

DA: This whole episode the DA was completely unbothered. We see the DA meet up with guy who fled the house! He now has Wes’s phone. Nate and the DA have a showdown! He fires Nate! By the end of this episode, the sketchy DA appeals to the Judge to drop all charge against Annalise and crew and…re-hires Nate.

Nate: Overall, I like that Nate is back on Team Annalise. I’m sorry I doubted you, sir.

Oliver: By the end of the episode, the team has been saved and…Oliver proposes to Connor!!! WTF?!?!

Bonnie: Bonnie confronts the DA and he did not budge a bit. There really wasn’t much to Bonnie’s storyline this episode.

Quote(s) of the week:

“I’m gay. So not eating for 48 hours would only elevate my shirtless selfie game.”—Connor

Who Killed Wes: Laurel’s father murdered Wes. My Laurel theory was loosely there (I’ll still take my L though). Shocking but underwhelming. Although it was a curveball, it didn’t have a big emotional impact on me. I’m disappointed that people like Meggy or Sonya weren’t more involved in the big plot. Their characters were completely pointless aside from being red herrings.

Burning Questions:

  • Who did Wes call (when he referred to himself as Christof)?
  • What is the bigger Mahoney secret?
  • Is the DA working entirely with Laurel’s dad? When did they start working together?
  • Did Laurel’s dad even meet Wes??? What is that motive? Frank and Laurel’s dad in cahoots?

What did you think about the finale? What do you think Season 4 has in store? Let us know your HTGAWM thoughts in the comments! See ya'll next season!

Roll On: February 24, 2017

Roll On: February 24, 2017

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