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HTGAWM: S3 E14 He Made A Terrible Mistake

HTGAWM: S3 E14 He Made A Terrible Mistake

One hour away from the finale! As expected, this is a very Connor-centric episode. Let's go!

Connor: Connor started the episode running…as he does from all of his problems. He returns and once again takes his hostility out on Oliver. I’m so glad Michaela leaned on her relationship with Connor to get him to confess his involvement in murder night to the team. I finally felt for Connor as he discussed conducting CPR on Wes the night of his murder. Jack Falahee was amazing in this scene and the one-on-one scene with Annalise!!! Bravo! Anyway, Connor wanted to take the stand and reveal he cracked a rib during CPR (which can be normal), but he is stopped and the team decides to place Laurel on the stand to provide testimony instead.

The episode ends with Connor going to the DA’s office…asking for Wes’s immunity deal. But not so fast. We then flash back to murder night and we see Connor running out the home when Laurel enters and just before the explosion. There is a mystery guy in a car across the street who sees Connor leaving. Duh duh duh…

Annalise: Annalise begins the episode in a new AA group. She starting to break. When Connor let’s into her about her dead sons, my heart stopped. The motion to dismiss Annalise’s charges were denied! Annalise ends the episode meeting with Nate and she tells him that she doesn’t know if she can trust him after all the harm she’s done to him.

Laurel: Laurel sees the Wes morgue photos and her reaction is quite constrained. When Connor disclosed, I couldn’t believe she told him to go kill himself! We see Laurel go to the OB’s office and listen to her baby’s heartbeat. She then visits Meggy (what?!) and Meggy is ticked that everyone ignored her during Wes’s memorial. Later, Laurel testifies on Connor’s behalf. She is then confronted by the DA about her history of perjury—the contract she signed with her father was a contract admitting that she lied about her kidnapping as a child. Her testimony is no longer credible! Oh no!! What did you do, girl??

Frank: Meanwhile in jail, the DA offers Frank a deal to confess to assisting killing Wes with Annalise. When Frank ain’t biting that deal, the DA threatens to go after him and Laurel with some sort of lovers’ quarrel theory.

Bonnie: Bonnie appears to be pretty lousy as an attorney. This is unbelievable given that she has worked with Annalise for so long.

Nate: Nate meets with the DA who is ripping him a new one, and accuses him of seeing Annalise. Nate denies it…and meets with Annalise in the next scene to give her Atwood’s wifi password. Later, Nate is following Atwood and finds that she was in the Financial District of New York previously.

Oliver: Oliver is tasked with hacking Atwood’s Wifi. We see some unknown calls to Atwood’s phone the night of Wes’s murder and the night she moved his body.

ADA Atwood: She really forged Nate’s signature! Wow. Nate confronts her about working with the Mahoneys, but she is in full denial.

Asher: “Stop being a weeny and call the mystery number.” Frustrated at the end of the episode, Asher calls the number and…it rings the DA’s number!

Mahoneys: Charles Mahoney was released from jail! Him and his mother are out for vengeance.

Wes: We see him getting a lot of CPR this episode. That's about it.

Who Killed Wes: This is getting messier and messier. I can’t believe the DA has been this petty for so long! Interesting twist there. Bravo.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • “No one’s getting killed.”—Annalise
  • “Is there really no vodka in the house.”—Annalise

Will Laurel have an abortion? How involved do you think the DA has been these last couple of seasons? Leave your thoughts on HTGAWM in the comments!

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