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24 Legacy: S1 E4

24 Legacy: S1 E4

I'm really enjoying 24 Legacy! It reminds me of old 24 while having its own unique flavor. Keep it up writers!

Eric: Eric begins the episode snatching up Ben and threatening him. When back at CTU, Eric asks Ben what he meant about fixing everything. Ben tells him, but he ain’t having it…until a few minutes later, he decides to go after arms dealer, Gabriel. Keith is not feeling this plan and not respecting Eric’s author-i-ta. Rebecca decides to help Eric out on the low (again). The episode ends with Eric escaping his de-briefing by taking a CTU agent down! He also sets a smoke bomb off and takes down two more agents in order to take Ben with him. Eric tells Ben that he better be telling the truth…or he’ll kill Ben himself. Beep boop beep boop!

Ben: Ben says he can fix everything. You got your sister and mom killed, dawg! He knows an arms dealer who may be linked to Ben Khalid’s crew. I hope you’re not playing games, Ben.

CTU: Keith tells Rebecca that Ben Khalid’s son has the sleeper cell USB. When she gets back, Keith expresses to Rebecca that he wants her help with the case. Rebecca and Eric finally reunite at CTU.

Andy is clutch! He knows Keith is trying to fire him, so he’s down for helping Eric and Rebecca. However, Mariana is watching Andy’s every move. The episode ends with John calling Rebecca to tell her that Nila was not involved after all.

Nicole/Aisha/Isaac: Aisha isn’t letting Nicole make any phone calls to Eric. Nicole ain’t waiting—She flips a table and makes her escape out of the apartment with guns popping at her! Girl can run! Aisha catches up to her and Nicole hits her with a pipe! Nicole calls Isaac in the nick of time to let him know about the drug dealer’s plan to kill him. He is not going to be happy when he gets back home. THEN, with all the shooting going on, Nicole gets arrested. Eric calls Isaac and now Isaac has to start lying about Nicole’s safety and whereabouts. Luckily, Isaac has a deal with some cops, who release her.

John: John begins the episode going in on Nila and she still denies being in the video image. Rebecca yanks up Nila and takes her to CTU, but John continues to have his doubts. John’s dad, who we know hacked the image, stares creepily as they load Nila into the CTU van and tries to reassure his son Nila is involved. Shady boots! His dad already has a list of names of people to replace Nila. He didn’t waste any time.

John had a buddy run a background check on Nila. He found some contradictory evidence of Nila’s involvement at the mosque which shows she was there for peaceful reasons. John confronts his father and lets him know that Nila is innocent…and that he found the ATM image was altered. AND he begins accusing his father of hacking the computer! Bold, John! His father admits to altering the image. He said it was the only way he could save John’s campaign. Ben Khalid’s people had been threatening John’s dad and he started buying oil from them. John goes off and departs to CTU! Uncle Luis shows up, and him and John’s daddy continue to plot.

School: Not-dead kid (Drew, I learned) is now in the hospital. Amira had to call a friend to figure out how to kill him. Have you never watched any action movie where they spiked the IV?? His momma arrives and the doctors believe he will recover. Amira is a mess. But she injects Drew’s IV (after having to phone a friend again) and he begins to respond again! This kid won’t die…and then he does. R.I.P. again Drew. The episode ends with the school teacher mixing chemicals in his classroom.

Khalid’s people: They are busy trying to download the USB; however, it’s been damaged. If it weren’t for those meddling kids…

Highlights: Nicole has skills like her hubby! I love seeing women do action scenes. #BlackGirlMagic

Will we see Aisha again? What do you think John’s dad will do next? Leave your reactions in the comments!

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