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Turn Up the Music: The Chief

Turn Up the Music: The Chief

I have taken waaaay to long to review this album. Some may say that I missed the boat. Well, this album is still heavy in my rotation and will likely meet my top albums of 2017 list, sooooo better late than ever!

After what seems like a long wait since Classic Man (well, we had the fun chopped and screwed version in the movie Moonlight), we were finally blessed with the highly anticipated debut album from Jidenna. Well, it was more than worth the wait. Here review of my favorite tracks:

A Bull’s Tale: The track opens with his uncle providing him with cautious advice (we hear his advice throughout the album) and transitions Jidenna discusses the loss of his father and his subsequent burial. He appears to be tackling both demons in Nigeria, as well as when he returns to the states. I love the bass and assertive tone of his flow on this track.

Chief Don’t Run: Navigating goals of his family versus his personal goals, this track continues where the last track left off. How does Jidenna establish himself as a Chief? The loss of his father has invigorated him to find his own path.

Trampoline: At a surface level, some may believe this song involves too much discussion on women’s bodies in a sexualized way. However, it is quite the opposite. I like the song’s message of how society polices women’s bodies and actions rather than praising their accomplishments.

Bambi: Bambi serves as latest single from The Chief and is my favorite song on the album. Jidenna is pinning over his ex-girlfriend Bambi who has appeared to have moved on. The melody gives me barbershop quartet crooning mixed with Afrobeats. Also, the video is fire!

Helicopters/Beware: My second favorite song on the album is Helicopters. I love Jidenna’s voice and flow mixed over a trap beat. However, the song tackles a serious topic of police brutality in the Black community.

Long Live the Chief: I was introduced to this song by Luke Cage and immediately downloaded it. It’s been in my rotation heavily since. Love the swagger to it and the flow. It’s mesmerizing and addictive.

Little Bit More: Another single from the album which has a great Afrobeats vibe and energy to it. I believe I have heard it in commercials or while shopping, which is fitting for this time of single. It could be a summer cookout song.

White Niggas: Conceptually, I love this song and its creative message. Examining systemic oppression that plague black communities and envisioning a world where those are applied to white communities surrounding substance use and over-policing.  Very, very creative!

Favorite bar: Now they say, “Jidenna, why you dressing so classic?”/“I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket.” –Long Live The Chief

Overall, this was a solid debut album. Eclectic, energizing, and innovative –everything one would expect from the Wondaland camp. It took me too long to review this album (I see I started teh post on February 18, oops!) because I would get in the groove and forget to type! If you would like a second opinion, check out one of my favorite podcasts, Where’s My 40 Acres?, review of the album. I look forward to hearing what Jidenna has to offer in the future!

Have you listened to The Chief? What are your opinions on Jidenna? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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