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Scandal: S6 E4 The Belt

Scandal: S6 E4 The Belt

Overall: These last two episodes of Scandal have been the best in a while. Bravo again to Jeff Perry’s performance. Frankie’s still dead but this case isn’t.

Cyrus: We open the episode with Cyrus’ intake into federal prison. It’s cold, it’s harsh, it’s sterile, it’s sad. Cyrus (like Annalise in our other Shondaland universe) is struggling with prison life. He knows little about prison, prisoner, and correctional officer norms. That spit in the face was disgusting. Making enemies with C.O.’s got him brutally assaulted. However, his sinister plot at the end (that smile!) let us know that he’s still the same ole Cyrus.

Side note: That dream sequence was annoying. Between this episode and the last few fake-outs on This Is Us, I’m getting annoyed by this plot device. It’s cheap and unnecessary in these great shows. Sure it gave Cyrus some hope, but not much else.

Tom: Due to Huck’s inquiry, we find out that Tom was all the way in Atlanta during Frankie’s assassination. At the end of the episode, he confesses to not being involved in Frankie’s assassination—therefore, Cyrus was not involved either. Tom was just a scorned lover. Receiving a $2 million paycheck to lie made things even sweeter.

Michael: He’s drawing divorce papers! He found some love/filthy letters between Cyrus and Tom (due to Liz!!). Poor guy.

Liz: Liz is trying to weasel her way back into the White House anyway she can. She went to visit Cyrus for no real other than to tell him Abby’s advocating for life in prison over the death penalty.

Olivia: You are sooo adamant that Cyrus is the murderer. Why? Because Daddy told you so? I can’t believe they’ve written Olivia to be so gullible. Where is Season 1 and 2 Liv? The guilt she will feel later is unthinkable.

Mellie: Mellie loves En Vogue?? Who knew. Those dances moves were a bit…interesting lol Mellie is already, prematurely celebrating her Presidency.

Fitz: How many women has Fitz slept with in his time in the oval? Is this why we don’t have single Presidents? Anywho, get your swirl on.

Huck: Huck’s in love. Huck’s loves never end well, so I’m worried for him and Meg. Huck’s skepticism about Jennifer’s death helped to save the day.

Director Webster: Oooooh, see already sleeping with Mr. President. And she gave Fitz the post-sex tea on Abby’s lie and intimidation.

Abby: Abby doesn’t want Cyrus’ case to be a death penalty case. Unlike Liv, Abby respects her (and the nation’s) history with Cyrus. She did go a little too far in declaring that she “is the President.” No you’re not, boo. Fitz read her well about that.

Ralph: Excellent guest appearance from a cannibalistic murderer. His monologue on The Belt was frightening.

Quote(s) of the Week:  

  • I didn’t know the Leader of the Free World is supposed to twerk. —Quinn
  • Should I get locks for my garbage cans? —Meg         Girl, what??? lol

Prediction(s): I hope they figure out Frankie’s murderer before Cyrus’ trial and likely conviction. As mean and crazy as Cyrus has been in the past, I want to see him make a comeback. Now back to our usual suspects of Pappa Pope, Jake, and Fitz…

Will we ever solve Frankie’s assassination? Will Olivia finally wake up? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

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