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HTGAWM: S3 E13 It’s War

HTGAWM: S3 E13 It’s War

Next week is the 2-hour season finale! This episode is our last chance to observe carefully and speculate, and it was an intense episode. Let’s hop to it!

Wes: Wes has a conversation with Nate at Annalise’s home in which Nate tells Wes to take the deal. Wes doesn’t believe Annalise is malicious---What? Did you forget she knew about your girlfriend’s murder?

Annalise: I forgot that when Annalise was released, she would be returning to nothing—no house, no possessions, no fabulous clothing and wigs. She meets with the Keating 4, but they think she’s only meeting with them to keep them quiet. Annalise decides to accuse the DA’s office of corruption and conspiracy and file for a grand jury—particularly targeting ADA Atwood. However, Annalise is a little more forceful, and threatens the Attorney General. Later, Annalise describes the power of the Mahoneys and disclosed to the Keating 4 they were involved in the murder of her child (Connor wasn’t buying it).

Also, what type of medication was Annalise about to consume? It was Bonnie’s prescription. Was Annalise contemplating suicide?

Frank: Frank is trying to come up with a plan but Bonnie isn’t having it. He continues to stick by his story of not killing Wes. When he goes back to court, he requests a subpoena for Atwood’s communication records for the day of Wes’ missing body. Due to the nature of Atwood and Nate’s relationship and potential bias, the Judge grants the request!

Bonnie:  Bonnie has been busy trying to clean things up. She offers to take Laurel to get an abortion and tell Annalise that it was a miscarriage. At the end of the episode, Annalise makes Bonnie go back to Frank to provide consult.

Laurel: Laurel is going off the rails. She wants to find who is responsible for Wes’ death more than the others. Laurel then hired a private investigator to get involved in Wes’ investigation. The Mahoneys ran a DNA test on Wes! The episode ends with Annalise telling Laurel that Wes was cremated.

Nate: Nate met up with Annalise and told her that she believes Atwood is after him too. He believes she’s the one who forged his signature! Nate confesses to Annalise that he was at the home the night of the explosion. He is feeling tremendous guilt for leaving Wes in the home. Nate also knows the police can obtain evidence placing him at Annalise’s home on murder night. Later, Nate discloses that he believes someone forged his signature on the document releasing Wes’ body. Nate is again furious with Annalise for interfering.

P.S. Why is your cellphone ringtone an old house phone?

Oliver: Annalise asks Oliver to do something for her, and we find out that he leeks information to the press noting that Wes’ body went missing and the DA’s office is at fault!

Oliver calls Connor out by noting that he was at Annalise’s house the night of Wes’ murder. Further, he finds out Connor DID check his voicemail and left Thomas’ crib hours before the fire.

Connor: Connor, I’m sick of your attitude. Either leave the group or shut up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a deal. Anyway, Connor then asks Oliver to hack into the USB copy of Annalise’s phone records. But of course, he’s not doing it in a polite way. At the end of the episode, Connor tells everyone about Oliver’s copy of Annalise’s phone records.

OMG, Connor!! He was administering CPR to Wes. Throughout the episode, Connor and Annalise were exchanging looks…

Michaela: Annalise meets with Michaela. Basically, Michaela tells her that she is the one holding everything together. She is baby Annalise.

Asher: He’s feeling sorry for Annalise and now suspecting Connor of being involved in Wes’ death. Michaela shuts him down a bit too quick. Fortunately, it doesn’t work because Asher calls Connor out on his potential involvement.

ADA Atwood: Messy messy. So much manipulation and involvement. Why? Is it a huge vendetta? Or the Mahoneys? Now she’s suspended from the DAs office. AND she admitted she moved Wes’ body. WHAT?!?!

Sonya: Why are you around? She’s checking in on Annalise during each step. Later, her and Annalise go out for coffee. We find out that Atwood offered her a deal in order for her to keep her children!!

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Hopefully there is a Nate peen pic on here. —Oliver  
  • Like Veronica Mars? —Asher
  • Like a fart; if you smelt it, you dealt it—Asher

Who Killed Wes Prediction(s): So, we have a two episode finale next week. Let’s look at my list of suspects and attempt to make speculations (and fail miserably because that’s Peter Nowalk’s job):

  • Annalise: She called several people to the house but we’re not sure why. Was she worried that Wes would snitch? I think she loved Wes too much to kill him, but she was involved in some capacity during murder night.
  • Nate: As you know, he’s been on my suspect list for a while, but I don’t have a clear motive. I’m not 100% certain he left the house when he said he did. I can’t remember the timeline of his relationship with Atwood, but he could have helped with the DA’s office cover-up as well.
  • Connor: He’s been worried about Wes snitching for quite some time. He even threatened to hurt/kill Wes in a previous episode this season. His reaction to Wes’ death has always been unusual. I don’t think Connor killed Wes—I think he was there or showed up shortly after the murder, and has been covering for someone else.
  • Laurel: I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, but she’s on my list. She’s Annalise’s puppet. Her relationship with Wes wasn’t that long to be reacting the way she has been (yes, everyone reacts differently to grief, but something is off) and I think she loves Frank.
  • Mahoneys: They have a very strong motive. Personally, I think they are more involved in the corruption of the DA’s office (via Atwood).
  • Meggy: Why are you around this season??? You’re connected to someone. She would have motive to harm both Wes and Laurel…
  • Bonnie/Frank: They're out of the suspect list for me. They've done enough dirt. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them were next season's body.

I don’t know. I quit. We’ll just watch the finale.

Do you have any last minute theories on Wes’ death? Are you equally as confused and paranoid? Let us know your HTGAWM thoughts in the comments!

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