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This is Us: S1 E15 Jack Pearson’s Son

This is Us: S1 E15 Jack Pearson’s Son

Such an intense episode! Let's hop into it!

Rebecca: Cool wife, hot hubby. Rebecca is heading on tour a week from Valentine’s Day. However, she is concerned about leaving her family. She finds out that teenage Kevin is having sex with Sophie! When her and Jack meet with him to give him the talk (“Condoms. Respect always…” Awkward!), teenage Randall comes in worrying about a class assignment. Later, we see Mandy Moore—I mean, Rebecca—sing at the club for Valentine’s Day. Her and Jack go home and get into an argument about her leaving on tour, and she states that she needs to do something for herself (the tour) without Jack getting in the way. Burn!

Jack: Jack is still super sweet, even on Valentine’s Day—no surprise there. However, he confides in Miguel (of all people) his worries of Rebecca going on tour. After Rebecca’s show, Jack finds out that Rebecca’s bandmate is actually her ex-boyfriend. Valentine’s Day ruined. Jack confronts Rebecca about it back at the house—she says they only dated for two months—and tells her he doesn’t want her going on tour. Jack accuses her of lying! It got tense. At the end of the episode, we see Jack go to his favorite restaurant and order his favorite burger…and a Maker’s Mark on the rocks. He’s back to drinking…

Miguel: Miguel is ready to post-divorce party. He mentions a fedora. I don’t want to see you in a fedora, Miguel.  Miguel was invited to Rebecca’s show and trying to pick up women with Jack as a wingman. In good news, he didn’t appear to be interested in Rebecca during this point in the timeline.

Present day Miguel is trying to give Kevin advice on his performance anxiety. He tells Kevin that he used to rely on Jack for advice and encourages Kevin to do the same. He also tells Kevin reminds him so much of Jack (his best friend) and it hurts him that Kevin doesn’t accept him. Kevin tells Miguel that he doesn’t not like him, and they end the conversation there. The writers are trying to make us like Miguel. We’ll see how his story plays out.

Kate: Kate went to Cabin #13!!! But to give Creeper a piece of his mind. Whew! But Creeper’s family owns the retreat and he kicks her out of the program! Kate arrives at Toby’s place and they have a heart-to-heart. They decide they need to get to know each other better. Kate doesn’t waste any time and asks him about his suicide attempt. Toby then asks Kate to tell him about how she coped with her father’s death—which she has avoided to discuss to him, and continues to avoid.

Toby: Toby admits to Kate he was jealous and worried. In their disclosures to each other, he fully gives Kate the run down on his history of depression and how he worked on his symptoms in treatment for a long time. Glad he appears to be in a good place now.

Randall: Randall is stressed out. He has dealt with so much in just a matter of weeks (?). We’re thinking his tremor is stress-related. Then more chaos occurs—girls are screaming, Beth’s mother slip and fell and she has to run, William collapsed over the sink—this is too much. Back at work, Randall had a major meeting move up a day early. Seconds after he discovers he needs to prep for the meeting, Kevin shows up to his job to talk (can we get Randall security?), William’s nurse calls to tell him she was fired…everything is falling apart for poor Randall. He drives back home to visit William who is struggling. When Randall gets back to work to deliver his presentation, he completely freezes! Sanjay had to take over. I feel so bad for him. Later, we see Randall at work, alone, and in the dark; paralyzed with anxiety and crying. He calls Kevin to tell him he can’t make the play!

William: As stated above, William is struggling. He’s bodily is quickly deteriorating and he says he doesn’t know how much longer he can hang on.

Kevin: Kevin starts with an interview with Katie Couric. Per usual, Katie isn’t pulling any punches and asking him about sleeping with the playwright and lead actress. However, it’s a dream! What’s going on this week?? I can’t do these realistic dream sequences. Apparently this isn’t the first time he’s had the Katie dream since Sophie asked him about it. Kevin is battling major anxiety before the play. We get to moments before the play and he’s still anxious. He tells the lead he’s trying to think about what his Dad would do in this situation. Lights go up on the stage…and Kevin doesn’t come out! We see him running down the street—He goes to Randall’s office to find Randall balled up and crying! Brother love!!!

 Sophie: Cautiously dating? Didn’t she just have another man?

Overall: This was a good episode. Unfortunately, we saw each of the Big 3 are battling debilitating anxiety. I hope they will be able to overcome it together.

Quote(s) of the week: “You’re usually confident and carefree and well-hung.”—Toby. Wow Toby, wow!

Predictions: With some of William’s quotes in this episode, I worry he may die by suicide to avoid the longstanding pain and loss of function. Regardless, his death will be a major loss to Randall and us. I think Kevin is going to catch major flack for missing (or being late to?) opening night. This may temporarily halt his career progress. Kate and Toby are going to have problems if they rush this wedding.

Roll On: February 17, 2017

Roll On: February 17, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!