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Scandal S6 E3 Fates Worse Than Death

Scandal S6 E3 Fates Worse Than Death

Overall: This episode had some of the best Scandal writing and directing ever! That version of Wade in the Water at the end…. man! We’re 76 days away from the inauguration, so let’s go!

Cyrus: The investigation into Cyrus was the crux of the episode. Jeff Perry’s performance, including his monologue at the end, is award-worthy later this year as nominations crop up. The showdown between Cyrus and Tom in the park was one of the most intense scenes in a dramatic series! You really thought you were going to shoot a former Secret Service agent? Puh-lease! There are fates much worse than death, Cyrus. Separation from Michael and the baby, public humiliation, a trial, and potential life in prison…yup, Tom is right.

Tom: Ole Tom came out of the woodwork. He feels used and hurt by Cyrus’ actions and the demise of their relationship. He is the definition of “ride or die” for Cyrus. All in the name of love. Tom beat Jennifer pretty badly!!! The episode ended with Tom turning himself in…and stating he killed Frankie with Cyrus’s direct orders. P.S. When Tom barked in the park scene, I was done!!!!

Shout out to ABC for allowing one of the sexiest love scenes. Tom loves him some Cyrus and the actors played the scenes well!

Michael: I’m so glad to see Michael and the baby again. They are so cute! Sticking up for Ella against her teacher made my heart melt. Michael and Cyrus finally had their relationship working and Cyrus went back to Tom. My heart ached for Michael when he found out.

Frankie: Frankie hired Jennifer to work on the campaign, but claims he didn’t have a relationship with her. This episode I’m glad he’s dead so we don’t ever have to hear him use “on fleek” or “woke” again! LMAO! We also found out that he wanted Cyrus as a VP—without Cyrus more forcefully placing himself in that position.

Liz: You look good, girl, even with the dirt on your blouse. But why are you back???

Olivia: Like Cyrus, I had trouble with Olivia not giving Cyrus his credit for all the work he’s done—both good and bad—in the past with Fitz and getting selected to be on Frankie’s ticket. I thought they were genuinely friends back in the day. Am I getting tired of Olivia???

Fitz: Fitz popped up to give Cyrus an opportunity to back out of the Presidency in exchange for not pursuing murder charges. Not much else aside from that for now…

Huck: Huck’s scene with Jennifer’s friend was unintentionally hilarious. Huck didn’t even flinch at being pepper sprayed in the face.

David: Announced that he is pursuing an investigation into Frankie’s murder and arrested Cyrus at the end of the episode. We also found out that he was almost Frankie's VP...with Cyrus' endorsement! If only he knew...

Quinn & Charlie: Now they’re talking about making a sex tape/romance film. Gross! Focus ya’ll.

Quote(s) of the Week: “I don’t have shades. I have handmade venetian blinds.” –Cyrus

Prediction(s): Frankie’s death investigation is getting messy. I still don’t believe we have the real story. When Cyrus is finally exonerated (at what cost?), Olivia will have tremendous guilt.

Again, how deep does Frankie’s assassination attempt go? Do you really believe Tom? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

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