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24 Legacy: S1 E2

24 Legacy: S1 E2

Eric: Eric began the episode looking for Ben. Ben’s ass was ditching clothing and running around in sewers. He finally speaks to Ben who wants $2 million in cash. Eric calls Rebecca and she's like, “Nah, I ain’t got it.” He called his brother Isaac who said, “Boy, stop!” Luckily, Isaac knew that the police confiscated $4 million recently. Eric is down for breaking into the police station evidence locker.  Eric tells Rebecca that he will get in the police station in the back of the patrol car, and when Rebecca asks how,  Eric states, “Look, I’m a Black man standing on the corner of 3rd and Decatur. It can’t be that hard.” Best line of the episode hands down.

Eric easily gets himself noticed by two police officers and is about to get arrested. However, he takes the officers' guns and gets them to ride him to the station. He tries to vaguely explain the situation to the police officers and informs them he has to rob the station to get the money to prevent a lot of people from getting hurt (very vague). They waver on whether or not to believe him, but they comply with his plan. Eric’s searching around the evidence locker to no avail, then police are quickly approaching and firing in the hallway. He realizes he no longer has Rebecca’s assistance and…episode ends!

Ben: Ben spent the hour roaming around and begging Eric for money before he goes off and sells the sleeper cell list. He calls back to ask about the status of the money and gives Eric 45 more minutes. How generous. The pressure is on.

CTU: Rebecca is keeping Keith hidden. He was not happy that he is being held. Not happy at all. Rebecca asks him for his override code to have better access to the system to conduct her investigation. I was shocked he willing gave it up. Rebecca agrees to work with Eric in providing some intel to get him into the police station. Rebecca and Andy are following Eric through the police station and creating a video loop of the station, so Eric can get to the evidence locker. Meanwhile, Arianna is snitching on her CTU colleagues. Thanks, girl. Shortly thereafter, we find out Rebecca’s CTU code was used to find the info on Eric and the other Rangers—from her husband’s campaign office—by her husband’s campaign manager. Drama! Then, due to Arianna, there access is shut down and Rebecca and Andy are taken into custody. Double drama!

Nicole & Isaac: Isaac tells Eric about Nicole’s concerns, which throws Eric off his plan for 10 seconds. Later, Nicole and Isaac have a brief conversation about Eric’s crazy antics and how Isaac wants to leave Aisha.

Aisha: Aisha overhears Isaac telling Nicole they’re having problems and he’s going to be through with her. You’re through with Aisha? Aisha ain’t having that. Within 5 seconds, she’s plotting to pit both his boy and rival against him.

John: We meet the Senator’s father after a campaign party that Rebecca can’t make because she is busy using a Taser on people in CTU. This is Us meets 24? My TV universes are all messed up. Any who…John’s father informs John that his campaign manager Nilaa attended a mosque where some known terrorists also attended. John was in denial, but they had all the tea to back it up. His brother and father want her gone from the campaign; however, John decides to approach her instead (eye roll). She says she was attending the mosque for good—admitting she concealed the information from John—and says she will resign…then John stops her. As we know, she’s likely no good.

School: Yawn, again. We know they are a part of the bigger plot but I’m not interested yet. RIP to that kid. We barely knew you.

Khalid’s people: In another side plot this episode (too many), they are plotting an attack on a mall. But Khalid’s only living son, stops that immediately. They could be affiliated with the school people but we don’t know.

Highlights: The whole episode was good. The plot is beginning to thicken and form into a good story line for the season.

Thoughts on Episode 2? Do you believe 24 Legacy is still going strong? Leave them in the comments!

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