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HTGAWM: S3 E12 Go Cry Somewhere Else

HTGAWM: S3 E12 Go Cry Somewhere Else

Wes: New mystery on our hands. Who is the In Case of Emergency in Wes’ phone??? They know him as Christoph, so there can only be a few people who know him as such. Also, where in the hell is Wes’ body??? ALSO, now we know Wes and Nate were in Annalise’s home at the same time. Hmm…

Annalise: Annalise continues to be struggling with her cellie. Since Bonnie’s skills were lacking, Annalise had to come up with a way to get out of jail. She involved her cellie and got beat up pretty bad! However, her tactic worked and got her out of jail.

Mama: Ms. Cicely Tyson for the win. For the slay. She gives me goals for when I’m 92 years old. Showed up to be there for her baby and give Nate a piece of her mind in the process. We discover that she is battling the early stages of dementia and ready to confess parts of her arson from when Annalise was a child. After Annalise was released, she lied to her Moma and told her the charges were dropped to put her mom at ease.

Frank: Paper Boi (Atlanta) is Frank’s lawyer?!?! We all no good and well Frank didn’t kill Wes. At the end of the episode we found out that Frank fired Paper Boi (dang!) and will be representing himself—which would allow him to have Bonnie serve as his co-counsel.

Bonnie: Bonnie making threats toward Nate—not cool. Bonnie kept failing as Annalise’s attorney this week; having several failed attempts at getting her out on bond. Annalise had to do her own work as counsel.

Laurel: Laurel is finally out of the hospital and she is an emotional wreck. Yelling at people attending the memorial was a new low. Laurel went with Nate to see Wes’ body—but there was another body in his place! (*Note: The previews totally spoiled this. ABC does this waaaay too much). Laurel also had a confrontation with Frank. Girl, you late. We know Frank didn’t kill anybody. Will she find anything pointing to the direction of Wes' killer in his apartment???

Nate: Still playing too many sides. Can we trust him? We had a big reveal this episode. Nate's signature was on the form allowing Wes’ body to be transferred. WTF?

Connor: I'm sick of Connor and his attitude. That is all.

Oliver: Oliver is not ready for this life. Or maybe he is. We find out that he is a great liar—covering up everything for the police. After a conversation with Connor about his flawless lying, we find that he saved a copy of Annalise’s phone records. Smart guy. 

Asher: I know sex can be a means of coping, but Asher seems so focused on it lately. More than on the loss of Wes. He is still on my suspect list, but I can’t think of his motive. Also, pouring liquor on someone else’s carpet is mad disrespectful. And he farts in his sleep…

Meggy: Didn’t Laurel tell you to stay away? I still don’t trust her…

Who Killed Wes Prediction(s): Given the final reveal, I don’t know if Nate “killed” Wes. But I think he was still involved. I’m still thinking about Laurel as a suspect. Laurel was super overacting today. I haven’t eliminated Connor or Asher or the whole host of the secondary characters either. Ahh!! This show has me so paranoid.

Do you have any good theories on Wes’ death? Are you tired of Connor trying to get his groove on? Let us know your HTGAWM thoughts in the comments!

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