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Roll On: January 12, 2018

Roll On: January 12, 2018

What a rough news week. While our Roll can be an escape, here is a reminder of Oprah's words at the Golden Globes.

Speaking of Golden Globes, Black Mirror's Black Museum episode better be nominated for something next awards season. Here is a great article about the finale. Perfection!

Top Chef bae Padma Lakshmi has her on M.AC. collection!

Ice skating now allows songs with lyrics. So why not use Lil' John's Turn Down for What?

Looks like Gabrielle Union will be kicking butt in Breaking In.

Season 2 of Atlanta (subtitled Robbin' Season) is debuting March 1.

I loved Sons of Anarchy (my dog is named Jax for a reason!), but I'm not super excited for the Mayans spinoff. We'll see when it premiers.

Fox did a lot of movie release date shuffling. At least Deadpool 2 is now released on my birthday!!!

The dinosaurs ain't playing in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

I'm late, I know. I started watching Teen Titans GO! in 2017, but I'm already excited for the movie!!!

Again, bundle up ya'll!!! This weather has been no joke.

Popcorn Addict: Proud Mary

Popcorn Addict: Proud Mary

2018 Golden Globes Recap

2018 Golden Globes Recap