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Out on the Town: Denver Beer Festivus

Out on the Town: Denver Beer Festivus

It's the most wonderful time of the year! If you live in Denver, that wonderful time must include beer. Thus, we have the 6th annual Denver Beer Festivus! For the rest of us!

Held at the Wing Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (where WhiskyX was just a few months ago), over 55 Denver breweries were represented at this holiday beer extravaganza. I love how people are utilizing the museum space for these events. Hundreds of people were able to comfortably enjoy the beautiful venue. Shout out to all the people who came prepared with pretzel and bagel necklaces!

I grabbed my filled glass (!) and it was beer time.

2017-12-16 15.41.31.jpg

Sooo many great beers were featured. My favorite beers of the night:

Upstairs they had a few food vendors available and VIP ticket holders were granted a free entree. I decided to try Chibby Wibbitz and ordered the loaded tater tots--tots tossed in a chipotle sauce, queso fresco, cilantro, garlic sauce, green onions, and pulled pork. FAVORITE TOTS EVER!

2017-12-16 16.09.56.jpg

Need some tunes to go with your beer: Welcome, Silent Disco! Hundreds of crazy people (including myself) walking around with the music from three different DJs. I was dancing it out to the Red DJ most of the evening!


The best part about Beer Festivus? Yes, the beer is fantastic; however, the holiday t-shirts and outfits were BEYOND fun! Here are just a few (naughty) examples:

In sum, loved Denver Beer Festivus. Beer, the holidays, food, silent disco...what more do you want?!?! 

Did you attend the Denver Beer Festivus? What were your favorite beers? Any holiday beers you would recommend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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