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This is Us: S2 E10 Number Three

This is Us: S2 E10 Number Three

Here is our Kate-centric episode. Bring on the tissues. Lots of tissues.

Number Three not only starts walking, but he's also talking! Adorbs!

Modern day: Randall is happily preparing for Thanksgiving and helping tuck in the girls for bed. Deja is busily preparing for a science presentation and Randall is lending her encouragement and support. It looks like they are finally bonding! THEN...we hear Beth fussing with someone in the front yard...Deja's mom is there! Her charges have been dropped and she's ready to take Deja home. Deja comes out, calms her mother down, and encourages her mother to handle things appropriately in order to get her back. Her mom agrees and leaves. The social worker arrives the next day and tells them she's making the recommendation for Deja to return to her mother's care during the court hearing later in the afternoon. Randall ain't happy. He even considers pressing Trespassing charges on Deja's mother the incident the night before. Side note: It's interesting the cold open occurred here--10 minutes into the episode!

Randall and Beth try to go about their day while trying to fight to keep Deja. We get a flashback to last Thanksgiving when Randall found out that Rebecca knew about William his whole life. We get a lovely flashback of William and Randall where we find out more information--that Rebecca contacted William when Randall was age 9. He thought about continuing contact and building some semblance of a relationship with Randall, but ultimately decided against it.

Randall tells Beth at the school that he believes Deja should go home to her mother. They attend Deja's science fair and she even refers to Randall publicly as her foster dad! Randall gets a call from Kevin to say he's arriving right when Deja's mom is about to arrive. The Pearsons say goodbye to Deja in a very emotional scene. Deja even finally allows Randall to hug her!!! Bless.

The Pearsons clean up the house and we see flashbacks for the last 3 episodes before Randall gets the call about Kate and Toby's miscarriage. Kevin arrives and finds out the news and heads to the kitchen...to drink. Randall gives Kate a call, and then him and Beth have a conversation about fostering another kiddo...a boy this time. We see a young boy meeting with a social worker. Yay!

Meanwhile, Kevin decides to leave the house. Why?? No clue. Anyway, Kevin is speedy to who knows where and we see Randall can't find Tess in the home. She's in the backseat of Kevin's car!!! Kevin gets pulled over and arrested for a DUI with Tess in the car. Oh boy...

Flashback: We see teen Randall with college applications from a bunch of Ivy League schools...and Howard, an HBCU. Jack is happy to see that Harvard is considering Randall, but Randall asks to go visit Howard instead. He convinces Jack to ride down to D.C. on Friday despite it being one of Kevin's game days. Beth gives the approval and Jack and Randall head on a road trip to Howard.

Randall's old neighborhood friend, Keith, meets the Pearsons at HU, but wants to give Randall a private tour of the college (to which Jack allows). Jack can already tell how happy Randall looks with peers that look like him. And Randall feels the same! We see him happily navigating the campus and can tell that Howard is where he belongs (Lauryn Hill music and all!).

It's time to get back to Pittsburgh, and there's a small (but important moment) where Randall hesitates to introduce Jack as his dad to his new-found friends. On the ride home, Jack calls him out on it! Randall admits, "I hesitated...not because you're White. Because you're old." LMAO. Randall shares with Jack his feelings of being an outsider due to being Black, especially in all White spaces. Jack decides they need to take a stop...to the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. Jack shares some vague details about his time in Vietnam and feeling out of place when he returned from the war. He tells Randall he'll find his balance, lose it, and find it again. Ultimately, Jack trusts Randall's choices and decisions. Jack is just THE best. Jack gets the page about Kevin's injury and they head to a payphone, and ultimately return home.

Overall: The episode was lovely and emotional, like the other episodes in the triology. Teen and adult Randall brought their A-games. The PacMan analogy speech was amazing (yet bleak as Beth pointed out). And...THOSE LAST 5 MINUTES!!! How could you Kevin?!?!?! This reveal caught me all the way off guard. Beth will probably kill him for real.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Why did the iPad go to the dentist? It had a Bluetooth.--Randall
  • Way to go, Queen B! Guess [the plants] like Lemonade instead of water.--Randall
  • Thanks, LL Cool Kate.--Randall (Third times a charm!).
  • Baby. Watchu talking about?!--Beth

Predictions: That was a rough three episodes! I will be glad to get back to their integrated stories after the winter break and see how their modern day lives progress with all the hardships that have occurred, especially with Kevin. Also, is Randall the only one of the Big 3 to know about Jack's brother?!?!

Thoughts on Number Three? Thoughts on the college visit? Are you excited for the new boy Pearson? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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Roll On: December 1, 2017

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