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This is Us: S2 E9 Number Two

This is Us: S2 E9 Number Two

Here is our Kate-centric episode. Bring on the tissues. Lots of tissues.

Next to walk is Baby Kate: Making her Number Two.

Modern day: The episode starts with Kate speaking to her baby belly (so cute!), and then we see her developing the silliest of questions for her doctor about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborns. Shortly thereafter, we hear a crash and Kate scream for Toby in the bathroom. Fast forward to the doctor's office and we (again) learn that Kate had a miscarriage. Just heartbreaking.

We see a slow-mo sequence of Kate going about her day and also her flashback back to the moment in the bathroom. However, she's all dressed up and ready to head to her lunch gig--much to Toby's chagrin. "We just had a miscarriage," Toby says. To Kate's reply, "Thanks. I know. I was there." Ouch. Kate gets to her gig, but while watching an adorable child dance, she promptly leaves the gig mid-song. Kate heads directly to a Chinese buffet and loads her plate high with food. OH NO!!! She's about to dive in, but doesn't and leaves. Glad she didn't let this trigger her even though it was an incredibly stressful, devastating time for her.

Toby gets an alert that their Swedish baby tub is being delivered and he goes to intercept. After going off on a delivery man and searching the whole warehouse. He finds it and intercepts it (giving it to the delivery man who he previously told off). After the warehouse fiasco, Toby goes to pick up Kate from her gig, like he told her he would.

Kate gets home and finally answers a call from Rebecca and tells her the news. She also tries to call Kevin and we know what he's up to... Toby arrives home furious because he didn't know where she was, but Kate snaps back at him. Toby gives and emotional monologue ending with saying, "It happened to me too and it hurt."

Kate wakes up to find that Toby has left the home. Awww! Luckily, Rebecca is there write when she finds his note. Rebecca tells Kate the story of losing Kyle, which you can tell she has never shared before. She also tells Kate a (funny) story of a grocery store breakdown. In sum, Kate and Rebecca were able to connect in this difficult moment. Toby arrives back home and he and Kate have a sweet reconciliation. They decide to try again for another baby. Awwwww!

Flashback: In a cool This Is Us directorial moment, we see all the events from last week's flashback from Kate's perspective at the same time. While the family is preparing for the arrival of the Pitt coach, Kate is busy cleaning up pee from her dog who pees when he's nervous. Rebecca is hounding Kate about colleges and applications, but Kate isn't hearing it (similar attitude to teen Kevin we saw last week). Before Randall and Jack leave for the college tour, Rebecca comes to Kate to speak to her about college. She tries to offer a pep talk about Kate taking time to find her passion, but Kate retorts with a snarky reply, "Wow, Mom. Didn't realize you thought I was passionless until now." What happened to Kevin and Kate? Well, they are teenagers... Rebecca goes snooping around Kate's room and find an application and demo tape for the Berklee School of Music. Kate sounds good on the audition tape!

At the football game, Rebecca gives Kate $50 for her application fee and of course Kate is upset. Rebecca pays Kate some compliments on her singing abilities, then Kevin is injured. At the hospital, Kate apologizes to Rebecca stating she was afraid of disappointing Rebecca if she didn't get into Berklee. After Kevin's football injury, Kate lends support to her brother.

Overall: What a tough episode. Again, the argument and reconciliation between Kate and Toby was well-written. The hurt and pain was so real in this episode. Bravo again writers.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • You should really stop borrowing shirts from Sophie. Nice crop top, Kevin-Kate
  • When will be baby move? As soon as he turns 18.-Toby
  • Will the smell of my fiance's head make me gag the whole nine months.-Toby (reading Kate's questions)
  • Thanks, LL Cool Kate.-Randall (I know. I listed it last week. It doesn't get old.)

Predictions: Next week we have Randall's episode for the winter finale. I don't know if I can take another one of these solo episodes. I'm anxious for after the winter break to see the Big 3 come back together again.

Thoughts on Number Two? Will Kate and Toby recover? Are Kate and Rebecca fully healed? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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