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This is Us: S2 E7 The Most Disappointed Man

This is Us: S2 E7 The Most Disappointed Man

What an another amazing episode! Very character-driven and emotional.

Jack & Rebecca: We flashback to shortly after the birth of the Big 3 and when a social worker comes to make regular visits to see how they're managing Randall. They are scheduled to go in front of a Judge to formally adopt Randall following his first birthday. They find out that the social worker has positive remarks about them, but the Judge still wants to see them. The Judge believes Randall belongs with a Black family. Rebecca writes a passionate letter making a plea to the Judge--However, he decides to remove himself from the case...which allows them a new Judge who gladly allows them to adopt Randall.

William: During the time of Randall's adoption, we also see William (yay!) before a Judge being remanded to jail (boo!). He appears to be struggling with extreme grief following the loss of his mother, wife, and son. Later, the Judge has a private one-on-one with William

Randall & Beth: Randall is preparing to take Deja to jail to see her mother and super anxious. Once they arrive, going through all the security, Deja's mother refuses to see them. Poor Deja. And Beth ain't having it! She doesn't want Deja to go back to the jail for the court-ordered visits. Randall went back to the jail to meet with her mother individually. Deja's was beat up pretty badly and that's why she didn't want to be scene by Deja.

In the end, Deja gets to share a phone call with her mother after Randall gave her permission to call their home collect to speak with her at any time.

Kevin: Kevin is looking rough. Very rough while abusing both pills and alcohol. It appears he's bailing on spending another weekend with Sophie (and continuing to lie to her). An intoxicated Kevin shops for a ring for Sophie, but instead buys three rings. Kevin finally travels to see Sophie and has a drug-induced flashback of his instances where he was brushed off as a child, likely due to Jack's drinking.

Kate & Toby: Kate & Toby announce their pregnancy to Kevin--with minimum fanfare because he's not doing well. In other news, they need to tell Toby's Catholic mother they're having a baby out of wedlock. Toby has a near panic attack when Kate suggests they go get married! It sounds like a good plan initially, but you can tell Toby wants an actual wedding. Awww! He even has a pep talk with Jack's ashes. Toby decides to offer Kate a real proposal and tells her they should have a real wedding. Double aww!

Overall: Again, I loved this character-driven episode. Although there were a lot of stories operating at once, each was well-written, unique, and poignant. Plus, Sterling K. Brown mentioned big chops on television!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • The click? Why do you sound like a characters from The Wire.-Beth
  • These [cold brew] beans don't grow on trees. Well, actually they do...-Randall
  • Morning, Destiny's Children!.--Randall
  • This is the big surprise? You've given up fashion-wise.-Kevin


Thoughts on this flashback episodes? Any new insights I missed? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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