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This is Us: S2 E6 The 20s

This is Us: S2 E6 The 20s

A complete flashback episode. No present day material. I have thoughts about that at the end...

Kid Pearsons: The kiddos are preparing for Halloween (how timely!). Randall is clearly going as Michael Jackson, Kevin is going as a cigar-smoking "bum," and Kate wants to change her costume from a veterinarian to Sandy from Grease (however, Rebecca JUST finished her vet costume). Rebecca gets on Jack for spoiling Kate, but Jack fires back by telling Rebecca that she coddles Jack.

Kevin has a map strategically planned out to maximize candy gathering on Halloween (how cute!!), but the others do not want to follow the map and want to go to a haunted house instead (so Kate can be pretend scared in hopes of holding hands with a cute guy from school). Kevin eventually pays the boy candy in order to hold hands with Kate, which catches. Again, Jack cautions Rebecca that he's too rigid. When she tries to direct Randall to a particular house that's off his map, he freaks out and gets really frustrated. He obliges, but then Rebecca sits down with him to discuss why he didn't want to go to the house. He said that family told him Rebecca and Jack lost a baby (he thinks lost, as in missing) and he was just the replacement. Awww! Rebecca nurtures him and they share a Twix. Precious!

20-year-old Pearsons: We catch the Big 3 in 2008 when they are in their 20s. Randall and Beth are preparing for their first child, Kate is working at a diner, and Kevin is slacking on auditioning for acting gigs and washing hair for a living. One day before Beth's scheduled delivery and Randall is clearly freaking out over everything, including the ceiling fan. It is just 2 months after his breakdown and hysterical blindness, so Beth calls in Rebecca for some extra assistance with his anxious behavior. They have a heart-to-heart, but both believe Randall will eventually come around.

Randall heads to the hardware store to replace the fan. He has a full-on confession about his anxiety with a random, stranger sales associate. Luckily that associate had some good advice--babies don't come with manuals and have the answers. Shortly thereafter, Randall gets a call--Beth is in labor early and he needs to get home! He rushes home and successfully delivers Tessa (named after the ceiling fan company! LOL) at-home. He came through as expected.

We see a man flirting with Kate while she works at the diner (and attending night school). We also learn that Kate sits outside their old, burned down house, eating fast food on a regular basis. Kate runs into diner-guy again and takes him home and they hook up. When he tries to leave shortly post-coitus, she tells him that she knows he's married.

Kevin is clearly struggling and doing hair when we discover his roommate/friend got a gig in a Christian Bale movie. The roomie invites him to an exclusive party and is super encouraging.  Kevin goes to the party and no one is paying him any attention. Eventually, he bashes his own friend/roomie to the director. What a jerk move!  And his friend finds out and kicks him out. Good, he wasn't paying rent anyway.

Kevin and Kate get the call about their niece's birth and head to Randall's house. They both have a "twin" moment connecting about their recent missteps. Such a nice moment where we see how their close adult connection began.

Overall: While this was a cute episode, it was clearly a filler episode. Presently, I really don't know how much we learned or gained from it except for more details into each of their personalities. This would have been good in season 1 rather than 2. The only reveal we got was that Rebecca joined Facebook (lol) and she messaged Miguel--The first time they had contact in 8 years!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • 5th times a charm.--Randall
  • I can act shorter.--Kevin
  • We're Sonny and Cher--Rebecca, Who are they?--Kevin
  • We finally have proof that Randall had sex at least one time in his life.--Kevin

Predictions: Nothing has changed for me since last episode. Again, I viewed this as a filler episode.

Thoughts on this flashback episodes? Any new insights I missed? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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