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This is Us: S2 E5 Brothers

This is Us: S2 E5 Brothers

What a fast paced episode. We learned a lot about each of the characters--past and present.

Rebecca & Jack: The episode begins with Jack packing up the car so he and the boys can go camping, as a bonding trip between the two brothers. Kid Kevin is super annoyed about this forced bonding experience. Kevin is the worst--He spends a lot of time making fun of Randall and his anxiety. Jack lectures him on brotherhood and sends him to time-out in the tent for a bit. Jack wants to know why Kevin is so hard on Randall, but Kevin really can't put it into words. Later, Kevin finds a list written by Randall detailing several things he needs to do in order to avoid getting on Kevin's nerves. *TEARS* Luckily, Kevin feels bad, too. He comes out of time-out and begins roasting marshmallows with Randall.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Kate were supposed to have a girl's weekend; however, it was quickly disrupted when Rebecca gets a call from a nursing home to tell her that Jack's father is dying. Rebecca heads to the nursing home and meets with Jack's father--for the first time ever! Rebecca eventually calls Jack and asks if he wants to come home early to see his father and he declines! He's all about his boys. Rebecca tells her father-in-law that Jack is not coming to visit, raves about the good man, husband, and father he became, and says final goodbyes.

We had some flashbacks to Jack's childhood too (a bit too much going on in this episode). We see his father attempting to take him on a camping trip, but he's left in the car for hours while his father drinks in a bar. Later, Nicky wakes up in the backseat of the car. Who is Nicky??

When Jack and the boys return from camping, we see Jack go through some old family materials. He finds some from his time in the military and we see a picture of him with another man and his tag reads "Pearson." Jack has a brother?!?!

Kevin: As we feared, we see Kevin popping every sort of pain pills he can find in Randall's house. Later, he calls and argues with several doctors to get his Vicodin prescription refilled...and he's drinking early in the day. Meanwhile, he is preparing to be auctioned off for an event for Sophie. However, Kevin is so busy trying to get his prescription refilled (and drinking), he misses his cue to come out at the auction. Sophie is very upset and Kevin lies to her about his absence, but she's not playing games with him.

Randall & Beth: Deja is rocking her short hair and it looks like she has a crush...Kevin. She asks if she can attend the gala, so Beth and Randall take advantage of her crush to get her out and engaged. Randall and Deja head to the gala with Randall trying to be uncomfortably cool.

Deja gets a bit nervous at the gala later (when Randall corrects her shrimp-eating skills). He holes herself up in the ladies room and Randall eventually goes in there (!) and waits. Deja finally speaks and tells him about her physical abuse in prior foster care. Without words, they both leave together.

Kate & Toby: Kate tells Toby she's pregnant and (as expected) he really excited. However, because of her own fears, she doesn't want him telling anyone. Boo, Kate! She's terrified because due to her age, she's having a "geriatric" pregnancy. Later, Kate attends her weight loss meeting and eventually goes off on one of the members (who we saw last season). The have a confrontation and car accident in the parking lot, but quickly makeup after Kate tells her she's pregnant. At the end of the episode, she allows Toby to go to a cafe and tell everyone he wants. AND HE DOES! In a crazy Flashdance-style celebration.

Overall: It was a jam-packed episode, but a good one. I was happy to get a lot of background information while still moving the present timeline forward. The present-day brother bonding moment between Randall and Kevin was short, but sweet. Also, if Kate is able to (and continues to) hide her pregnancy from Kevin, he's gonna be ticked!

And the "big" reveal. Will we find out more about Jack's brother? Is he alive in present day?

Side note: Toby thinking he was going to have sex with Kate in his office...hilarious!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • You're gonna Chuck Noll the boys?!--Rebecca
  • No Black man will ever been jealous of being auctioned. #BlackHistory--Randall
  • Randall "Cool" Pearson. My middle name.--Randall
  • There could be a woman pooping in there.--Kevin

Predictions: Again, please keep Kate and the baby safe. I don't know where this long lost story is going, but I look forward to it. Lastly, I think Deja will finally be comfortable and ready to be in the Pearson family--Until we hear an update from her mother...

Thoughts on Jack's history? New thoughts about Kevin's substance use? What about the Randall-Deja connection? Do you love DQ Blizzards?!?! Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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