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This is Us: S2 E4 Still There

This is Us: S2 E4 Still There

This was such a lovely episode all around

Rebecca & Jack (and the young Pearsons): The Pearsons are out hunting for a movie from a video store (RIP Blockbuster Video) before a major snowstorm when they discover Kevin is sick and has chicken pox, along with Kate. In preparing everyone for illness recovery, Rebecca's annoying mother arrives unexpectedly. Drama. Grandma is super critical of Rebecca's parenting and clearly favoring only 2 of the Big 3 (Sort of. She does shame Kate about her weight). Poor Jack catches the chicken pox, as Grandma is becoming increasingly more annoying...and racist. Eventually Rebecca had enough and confronted her mother about her history of inappropriate attitudes toward Black people...with Randall standing within earshot. Rebecca tells her once the snow storm clears, pack her bags and go back home! In fact, the next day, Jack and Kevin start shoveling to speed up the process.

Kevin: His producer asks to check out his leg and we discover that his knee is all sorts of messed up. His meniscus is torn and he needs to have surgery, and he needs Kate and Toby to care for him during his recovery. Kevin is in such a great rush to get back to his movie set and is not letting himself fully recover. In a convo with Toby, we discover Kevin was a football star until he hurt his knee years ago. Now, he's worried about losing another important opportunity in his life. Although he tries to resist it, he begins taking pain medications (a lot of them) to help speed his recovery. Uh oh...

Randall & Beth: We start in the kitchen with Randall doing Annie's hair (adorbs)! He offers to do Deja's hair too, but she's not having itin fact, she has not washed or combed her hair in two weeks! Beth and Randall have a heart-to-heart and Randall wants to take the lead on parenting and addressing the concern with Deja. Randall takes the girls to the bowling alley and a group of girls bully Deja about her hair, leading to Deja pushing one of the girls and Randall getting up in the father's face.

Beth catches Deja packing her bags because she thinks she'll be kicked out of the home for pushing someone. Awww! Beth finally connects with Deja over their backgrounds, and she finally convinces Deja to let her do her hair. Unfortunately, we find out that Deja has an area of stress-related alopecia; however, Goddess Beth comes through with a hook-up hairstyle to cover it up. Later, Randall compliment Deja and says a bit too much to Deja about a private convo she had with Beth about her alopecia. The episode ends with Deja walking into their kitchen--with her hair chopped off and a complete mess to the horror of Beth and Randall. Yikes.

Kate & Toby: The episode opens with Kate working out in order to fit in a new dress, but Toby is trying to get her to eat a muffin and let's her know that's she's being a bit too obsessive. We see glimpses of an anxious throughout the episode. At the very end, we see Kate at the doctor's office...and she's pregnant?!?!

Overall: I loved this episode. Cute moments between Jack and Kevin. Rebecca defending Randall. Beth and Deja's (brief) connection. I don't think I was ready for Kate's pregnancy and I feel ambivalent about it. We'll see where the writers take us!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Did Grandma shoot [Martin Luther King, Jr.]?!?!--Randall
  • Alicia Keys cool--Randall

Predictions: Because of the nature of the show, I'm nervous for Kate's pregnancy and/or relationship with Toby. Unfortunately, Kevin is going to develop a substance abuse problem, which really makes me sad for his story. Beth and Randall will recover once they build a relationship with Deja.

Thoughts on Rebecca's approach with her mom? Feelings about signs of Kevin's substance use? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

This is Us: S2 E5 Brothers

This is Us: S2 E5 Brothers

Roll On: November 3, 2017

Roll On: November 3, 2017