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This is Us: S2 E3 Déjà vu

This is Us: S2 E3 Déjà vu

Is that Stallone?!?!?! Let's hop into the feedback!

Rebecca & Jack: We start the episode with Jack at an AA meeting. He’s having trouble sharing his thoughts and feelings with Rebecca.

We see a lunch between Rebecca and Miguel’s ex-wife, Shelly. She encourages Rebecca to take Jack out on a date and get it on. Rebecca obliges and takes Jack to a Pittsburgh stadium (former 3 Rivers?) for some fun in the car. However, Jack isn’t ready. After a conversation about his ongoing struggles, Jack finally shares that he borrowed the money for the house from his father. He also states that he has more to share with Rebecca…when he’s ready. Is Jack living some crazy double life??

Kevin & Kate: Kevin is on set of a movie set…where Sylvester Stallone is the lead! Stallone, Kevin, and Kate all in one scene! Apparently Jack was a huge Stallone fan when they were children—and Kate spends some time reminiscing about those times with Stallone. Were you hoping for a Kate-Stallone pairing?!?! Anyway, we see Kevin struggling with reliving those early memories, and begins freezing on set. During a break, Kevin is freaking out in his trailer and goes off on Kate. Kate confronts him on his avoidance of discussing Jack’s death. He refers to Kate as “sad and damaged.” Not cool, Kevin. Not cool. Kevin returns to set and continues to struggle through his scenes, and he hurts himself during the scene.

The episode ends with a “twin make-up.” Kevin admits it’s still hard for him to talk about his father. We end the episode with Kevin taking medication for his knee with Kate’s voice stating, “He’s just like you [Jack].”

Randall: We see Teen Randall writing a classified ad in search of his birth parents. Awww! He received a letter back from a woman stating she’s his mom. Luckily, Kate and Kevin find out and accompany him to the park. A woman (a White woman) arrives and Randall quickly realizes he’s been played. The rest of the Big 3 come to console him.

In present day, Randall and Beth receive notice they will be foster parents! A teenage girl named, Deja. She finally arrives to the Pearson household, but does not appear very engaging the first night, which worries Randall. The little girls are also worried. Beth found some cigarettes in Deja’s belonging and they had a minor argument, and when Randall walks in, Deja flinches and recoils. 

In the middle of the night, Deja awakens the little girls to ask them some questions about parenting approaches. iPads for everyone? Crazy, she says. We get a nice flashback to the littlest girl busting William trying to leave the house (maybe on his first night). It was such a sweet moment with her teaching William how she conquers her fears. The next morning Deja apologizes to Beth, and Randall shares his own adoption story with her. However, when Randall tells her that her mother may be incarceration for a long time, Deja angers and stomps off. We will see how this all progresses…

Overall: I felt this episode was a bit disjointed in its editing. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see a real connection between the past and present (unless…see my prediction below). However, the stories were still quite compelling and enjoyable in isolation.

Predictions:  Pu-lease do not make Kevin addicted to pain pills. That would be terrible. Which means the show will do it… haha!

Were your shipping for a Stallone-Kate hookup? What’s next for Deja and the Pearsons? How will Kevin resolve his grief? IS Jack leading some crazy double-life? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

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