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This is Us: S2 E1 A Father’s Advice

This is Us: S2 E1 A Father’s Advice

Oh, how I have missed this show!!! Tons of awards and accolades later and we’re back! And it’s The Big 3’s 37th birthday! Grab your tissues and let’s go!

Rebecca & Jack: Rebecca picks up the Big 3 to meet with her and Jack to discuss their separation—at a restaurant?!?! Not cool…and the Big 3 agrees. Eventually, Rebecca takes the kiddos and tries to create some normalcy by taking them to the movies. We received a little more information via flashbacks of Randall walking in on Rebecca and Jack’s vicious argument.

Jack is now staying at Miguel’s house. Although he doesn’t think he will be there long, Miguel seems skeptical yet supportive of his friend. Later, Jack goes back to the club where he embarrassed Rebecca and tries to get her a gig there again. How embarrassing.

Rebecca rushes to Miguel's house to speak to Jack. She tells him she shouldn't have let him leave. Jack admits to still having a problem with alcohol. He wants to stay away from the family until he recovers. He closes the door on Rebecca and the screen fades to black, but...Rebecca knocks on the door and tells him to get his ass home because they are going to work through this together! OMG! Way to go!

Lastly, we get additional glimpses of the time around Jack's death (maybe?). We see Randall (and a girl!) and Kate (and a dog!) at a Miguel's house crying after they find out. Kate expresses needing to find Kevin to tell him, but he's somewhere making out with Sophie. Finally, we see Rebecca (in a Steelers jersey) pull up to their home—it's burnt down. WTH?

Kate & Kevin: Kate is preparing for an audition for a wedding cover band and Toby appears to be giving her all the great support and fashion advice she needs. Unfortunately for Toby, Kevin arrives and contradicts all of his advice—after interrupting them almost sexy time. Kate heads to the audition, but walks out after seeing a bevy of thin, attractive women in the line ahead of her (while flashing back to her early pool scene from childhood).

Inter-spliced, Kevin is busy working on Ron Howard’s film! Sophie has to stay home in order to take care of her mother and cannot make it to L.A. to be there for Kevin’s birthday.

They all get to dinner (Kevin bought out a whole restaurant! A wine for every fish!) and Kate doesn’t immediately tell Toby about walking out of the audition; however, we (and Toby) quickly find out she told Kevin before her own fiancé! This results in Toby and Kevin having an argument about who’s responsibility it is to “push and coddle” Kate. Kate interrupts that she’s no one’s responsibility (yay feminism!) and goes back to the audition. However, it’s a tad bit late but they let her enter anyway. She sings Nothing Compares to You, but…it’s a little pitchy dawg. Kate rips into the director, stating he’s judging her based on her weight, but no so fast. They bring up the backup singer who outshines Kate and the director tells her he didn’t select her because of her weight, but because she’s out of practice.

Outside the audition, Toby and Kevin wait for her (against her wishes). Kevin explains that Kate is the one who to him about their father's death, and they have this special connection. They have a mini-make up where they both agree that Kevin needs to let go a little bit. The episode ends with Sophie coming into town to surprise Kevin.

Randall & Beth: The episode opens with William narrating through his Poems for My Son. Ugh, I can’t handle William flashbacks. Meanwhile, Randall is busy gushing over neighbor’s babies because he has “baby fever.” Beth doesn’t appear to share the same enthusiasm when thinking about adopting a new child—and she’s not being discrete with it. Randall goes to Rebecca’s house to seek some advice about Beth by asking about his own adoption, to which Rebecca shares her ambivalence in adopting Randall immediately after losing the original third of the Big 3.

Ugh! We get a dream/flashback involving Beth and William. Beth has been returning to the William’s favorite park regularly since his death. Later, Randall and Beth return to the park and she gives him a bound copy of William’s poems to him for his birthday. Awwwww! Beth discusses her desire to adopt an older child instead of a baby. Randall’s all in and they make up!

Overall: As usual, I love Randall and Beth. I’m glad Beth was able to speak up about Randall’s selfishness around this adoption and not including her in the process. However, they were able to make up like adults in the end. Yay, healthy relationships!

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Who Stacey Dash and Omarosa over there? —Randall
  • Listen the Kardashians aren’t going anywhere. They’re like gremlins and by next week there will be a bazillion of them. —Kevin

Predictions: Kate’s going to keep singing. Randall will still be excited and anxious about the adoption. And who knows what Kevin is doing…

How did you feel about the premier? What are you hoping for in Season 2? Let us know your This Is Us reactions in the comments below!

This is Us: S2 E2 A Manny-Splendored Thing

This is Us: S2 E2 A Manny-Splendored Thing

Roll On: October 13, 2017

Roll On: October 13, 2017