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Scandal: S7 E4 Lost Girls

Scandal: S7 E4 Lost Girls

Drama, drama, drama. There were a lot of moving points in this episode. Let's go!

Olivia: We return to the scene where Fitz is outside of Liv's apartment while she's making out with her new boo. Curtis promptly excuses himself (lol) and Fitz requests Olivia's help with finding 100 missing Black girls. Olivia isn't trying to hear any of this and is suspicious of his motives...and she tosses the case to QPA. Liv discusses her suspicions with Jake (of all people, but she had to do it) and they both agree to investigate Fitz's sudden appearance further. Also, Liv won't let Marcus see Mellie without her permission!!! WTH?!?! Her need for control is insane.

Eventually Olivia pops in QPA, sees the pictures of the missing girls, and becomes more invested in the cause. However, she not completely fooled yet, as she goes to visit her father who is working on Annie, his latest dinosaur. He puts up a good front, giving her a "you can't have it all" speech.

Fitz and Olivia have an argument at their house and eventually Fitz re-declares his love for Olivia. 20 seconds later and we get a passionate make-out scene. However, the episode ends with Olivia arriving at her fathers place (sans Annie) after Jake informs her that he went to visit Fitz in Vermont. "Sit," she says and the episode fades to black...

QPA: Quinn and the crew promptly pick up on the missing girls case. Again, as art imitates life, the team struggles to find the "perfect victim" in order to get press attention. It was a sad and disgusting process, but very reality-based in how society gives certain victims (i.e., attractive White girls/women) more attention than others (i.e., Black/brown and/or queer girls/women) in the media when it comes to missing person cases and human trafficking. Fitz goes on Curtis' show (awkward...) with the murder of one of the missing girls to support and advocate for her. In the end, the woman's daughter is found alive. Olivia (and Mellie) establish a missing persons division of the FBI, dedicated to finding women of color.

Mellie: Mellie is busy negotiating this treaty with President Rasheed. While she struggles with the negotiations, it becomes clear she has a thing for the President to the point where it's clouding her judgment and interfering with the treaty negotiations. A coup occurs in Bashran which disrupts everything and hinders their treaty negotiations. Olivia and Mellie have a good pep talk and collaboratively decide how to proceed--potentially starting a war. 

Cyrus: Cyrus is trying to figure out what to do with the expensive painting Fenton gave him. He tries to give the gift back on the basis of ethics, and ends up engaging with Fenton more over his VR at his home. Uh oh, these two are coming off as cute to me now... However, Fenton is continuing to discuss his desire to go into politics (while also expressing his desire for canoodling). Mellie sees the painting and goes into full on girlfriend mode! They discuss their crushes and Mellie encourages him to take a chance. We end the episode with Cyrus paying $20 for the painting (because he can't accept the expensive painting as a campaign gift) and offers to show him the political ropes.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Lost her scholarship?!?! I got suspended for smoking at school dance!-Quinn
  • Cold. White.-Marcus
  • Did you see my ex-husband? Did you catch his face? I have standards!-Cyrus

Overall: Good episode. A ton of funny moments, but I didn’t feel like the plot evolved. Maybe I’m just getting anxious as we approach the end of the series…

Prediction(s): Liv will push Fitz away because he’s a distraction to her at this point.

What is Olivia going to do to her father?! What do you think about Cyrus' new bae? What did you think about the missing girls story? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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