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Scandal: S7 E7 Something Borrowed

Scandal: S7 E7 Something Borrowed

I TOLD YA'LL!!! Eli is pure evil. I love being right. Anyway, let's go...

Olivia: Olivia is doing a half-assed job of helping Mellie with preparing for the treaty. Her and Jake are trying desperately to find Quinn and Olivia wants the whole city torn apart to find her.

Eli calls Olivia to meet for a nice dinner…and promptly tells Olivia that he has Quinn. He just wants his bones back. Okay and his freedom, but the dinosaur means war, he says. Olivia tries to play like she’s still in charge and calling the shots; however, Eli tells her that she’s not bluffing. Later, Jake tries to deliver Eli a warning against Olivia’s wishes.

Olivia is desperate. So incredibly desperate that she goes to visit her mom! She tells momma about Quinn’s kidnapping, but mom just laughs in her face. Eventually, she comes around and tells Liv to let Quinn die—because all of her problems would essentially go away.

Olivia and Jake are running out of time and try to talk about a plan over wine. Liv says she can’t let Quinn die, but she doesn’t want to give Eli back his bones because she believes it’s a foot-in-the-door technique of his to regain power. Jake tells Olivia to kill him (like I’ve been saying!). “Are you Command or are you not?” But silly Olivia kicks Jake out of her place at the thought. Keep sipping that wine, girlfriend…

The day is here: Your father’s freedom or Quinn’s life, Jake asks Olivia. Olivia arrives at Eli’s home and bosses him around…but he pulls a gun on her. She knows he’s not going to kill her, but she continues to talk trash like she’s in control. Olivia makes a phone call, presumably to B613, ordering a kill order in 20 minutes. She gives him a whiny speech about how Eli allegedly ruined her life and made her callous, and says why would she choose Quinn over the Republic after all her taught her over the years. However, Eli calls her bluff, leaves the room…goes to the basement…a shot is fired…we hear a woman screaming…and another shot is fired.

Olivia cringes and winces, but is relatively composed when Eli returns. He asks if she would like to see the body…

QPA: Huck and Charlie are struggling throughout the episode...to the point where Huck is developing sadistic fidget spinners. Abby comes in and tells them they’ve found a body at the morgue. Charlie meet with Liv and says he’s tired of going to see every pregnant 30-year-old Jane Doe and starting to already grieve. And we’re just one day away from Quinn’s due date. Charlie discovers this Jane Doe again isn’t Quinn.

The rest: Fitz and Marcus are all pouty since Mellie has been shutting them out. Later, Marcus and Mellie meet up and Marcus tries to convince her to work with Fitz’s Institute. Basically, he and Fitz ain’t leaving. However, Mellie tells him to kick rocks because she’s not here for these games. Later, Mellie offers Olivia some praise for all of her hard work.

Meanwhile, Cyrus convinced Fenton not to file charges against Charlie. Whew! Abby tells Cyrus that the intel that led them to Fenton came from the NSA…specifically from Jake. Ruh oh! Cyrus confront Jake and Jake is hella squeamish during the whole conversation.

Later, former bae Curtis gets a call from Olivia’s White House secretary. We don’t see exactly what went down, but hear a call that “it’s done.” Moments later, we see Cyrus watching a news report indicating Curtis has went missing. Jake comes up behind him and gives him a “snitches get stitches” talk.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Do you know what a fidget spinner is?-Huck
  • You can either be my mother or a bitch.-Olivia
  • Girrrrl, if you don't sit your dramatic ass down.-Mama Pope
  • Don't hate the player baby. Hate the game. That's how you beat your daddy.-Mama Pope

Overall: Excellent episode. Olivia's house is crumbling. The Khandi Alexander appearance was funny and lovely. 

Prediction(s): I don't believe Quinn is dead. If it were another show, I'd believe it, but I don't know if they're bold enough to pull this one off. IF she IS dead, Olivia is going to have hell to pay from her friends. I do think we'll see an Olivia downfall during part of this final season and it's quickly approaching. Again, can she have it all? 

Again, how low will Olivia sink this season? Do you think Quinn is dead? Would Liv ever kill Eli? How is Cyrus going to take down Jake? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

HTGAWM: S4 E8 Live. Live. Live.

HTGAWM: S4 E8 Live. Live. Live.

Roll On: December 1, 2017

Roll On: December 1, 2017