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Scandal: S7 E6 Vampires and Bloodsuckers

Scandal: S7 E6 Vampires and Bloodsuckers

Wedding time!!! I love a good wedding and have been waiting on the Quinn-Charlie wedding since their engagement. Isn't their cake topper the best?!?! Let's see how this goes...

Olivia & Quinn: The episode opens with Olivia providing Mellie with the news of the airplane explosion. We see Jake tell Olivia it's been handled and telling her she did the right thing.

Quinn asks to meet Olivia and Olivia believes it's about pre-wedding jitters, and she brings Quinn something borrowed. NAH! Quinn knows Olivia was behind the plane explosion! Olivia tries to deny and make Quinn seem crazy, but Quinn doesn't back down. Liv tries to use a guilt trip about Quinn's own "rescue," but again Quinn ain't trying to hear that. This was an epic scene!

The next day (wedding day), Olivia tries calling Quinn but she's not answering. In fact, moments before the wedding, Quinn is missing from her apartment--leaving her ring behind. Everyone believes she has cold feet, but Charlie. Poor Charlie.

Huck goes into investigation mode, and realizes she was investigating Rashad's death AND was taken. Jake and Olivia start freaking out, thinking their cover will be blown soon--believing Quinn is just hiding after her confrontation with Olivia the previous evening. Charlie remembers Quinn went to the memorial the night before and they're trying to get surveillance at the location. Meanwhile, Curtis stops by QPA and informs them Quinn left him last night telling him she knew about the airplane bombers.

Jake and Olivia scramble to frame someone else for the bombing. The frame one guy and plot to frame a bigger person--Fenton! Oh no! Cyrus and Fenton are hooking up and sleeping over (and eating expensive chicken). Fenton wants to know more about Cyrus' work, but Cyrus maintains appropriate boundaries (finally!). Abby goes to Cyrus for advice and realizes he's sleeping with Fenton. Cyrus tries to convince them Fenton didn't do it, then has his doubts, but it's too late--Charlie hunts Fenton down and begins torturing the poor guy. Luckily, Huck comes in before things get too messy and informs Charlie that he wasn't the one involved in Quinn's kidnapping. Huck gets the memorial surveillance footage sans Olivia's appearance. Charlie has a meltdown and so does Olivia (kinda).

Jake and Olivia keep digging into Quinn's whereabouts and discover Quinn was on the QPA elevator on her way to the wedding and went missing. She WAS kidnapped!

Mellie: As predicted, Mellie is PISSED. I initially thought she knew Olivia was involved, but she doesn't. Yikes. Later, Mellie is trying to negotiating a new nuclear treaty with the Ambassador. Mellie is ready to go to war over her recently departed boo, but Olivia holds her off.

Mellie meets with Jake and asks him about his "extracurricular activities." She wants the leaders of the coup eliminated, but Jake informs her that she isn't his boss off the clock. Yowza! Mellie asks to meet with Marcus who has an attitude with her about asking for him only when she needs him. Ummmm, didn't you use her for the same a few weeks ago?!?! Oh well, he's helpful in getting her to think more rationally about her plans. Mellie comes down firmly with the Ambassador and it appears the treaty will be signed on her terms.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Your OPA was never about justice. Mine will be.-Quinn
  • Two weird people in love. What's wrong with that?-Charlie

Overall: Amazing episode!! Olivia has reached a new, ultimate low. If (or when) Olivia's "family" finds out about the truth of the plane explosion, it will be all kinds of bad. The "Where is Quinn" drama is very reminsicent of the "Who is Quinn" drama from the beginning of the series. This ought to be interesting...

Prediction(s): I hope Quinn has joined (or been taken by) team Eli/Fitz. They would be a power force in trying to take away Olivia's crown.

How low will Olivia sink this season? Where is Quinn? What do you think will happen when the team finds out about Olivia's dirt? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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