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Scandal: S7 E5 Adventures in Babysitting

Scandal: S7 E5 Adventures in Babysitting

I was scared how last week ended. Let's see how the Eli-Liv discussion plays out...

Olivia: Olivia Pope reads her father for filth!!! "You do not have privileges. Do you hear me?!" Woah!!! She tells Eli to tell Fitz to go home. Fitz ain't just going home. He goes to Mellie and tells her EVERYTHING! Like, including killing Luna and secretly funding B613, everything. Mellie is ticked because she's scared of being associated with conspiring against the government. She wants Olivia to get the war started legally and threatens Olivia if she ever finds out about B613 again.

Jake and Fitz have a heart-to-heart. Jake basically tells him that Liv can't be saved at this point. She IS Command. Meanwhile, Olivia convinces her bae to allow President Rasheed on his TV show to humanize him and it works.

Olivia and Fitz have another encounter where she lets into Fitz. She basically tells him she's a boss bitch who have been running the presidency FOR YEARS!!! Although she's on a power trip, she ain't wrong.

After some "advice" from Quinn, Olivia meets with Mellie to ask her what she wants. It appears she wants to go to war at all costs--but doesn't want it associated with her in any way. Consider it handled, Olivia says...

Lastly, Curtis breaks up with Olivia. He knows she was using him. Damn.

Mellie: Mellie spends most of the episode mad at Olivia after discovering her B613 efforts. She eventually expresses her admiration for Bashran President and they share a passionate kiss. Mellie decides to send her man back to Bashran via Turkey, and tells him she will end the coup so he can be President. They share a sensual goodbye sans kiss.

Olivia asks Mellie for a favor...Mellie kicks Fitz out of the White House and tells him to take his ass back to Vermont. Speaking to her is privilege that now has been lost! LOL. Fitz stays losing for good reason.

QPA: In fear of President Rasheed's safety, they take in his niece (a local college student) for protection and takes away everything that would put her into contact with the outside world. She is not feeling this level of captivity or the thought of returning to Bashran. The niece cons Charlie for freedom and escapes. Huck finds her (of course) and her girlfriend! Ahh, a love story. Eventually, the niece gets on board with returning back to Bashran with her uncle for her own safety.

Charlie and Quinn escort her to the jet to meet her uncle. As the plane starts to depart, Charlie and Quinn apologize for their earlier jabs at each other, and...the plane explodes.

Cyrus: Fenton is now in the White House and shadowing Cyrus' meetings...poorly, as he stays on his phone and does not appear to be paying attention at all. In the end, we learn he was paying attention and creating an algorithm of success in Cyrus' campaigning to others. At the end, they share a passionate kiss!!! So much kissing this episode.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Speaking to me is a privilege.-Olivia
  • When have I ever listened to you?!?!-Olivia

Overall: Good episode with a lot of parts setting the series finale into motion. This episode seems like a turning point for several plot lines. However, I hated that the ending was SUPER predictable. The loud Shondaland-esque music, the plane, the drama, I just knew the plane would blow up. It could have been waaay more subtle.

Prediction(s): Mellie is going to lose it! I also can't wait to see the the Quinn and Charlie wedding finally!

Now are you excited for Cyrus' bae? Where will Fitz go from here? Was the ending predictable for you? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

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