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Scandal: S7 E3 Day 101

Scandal: S7 E3 Day 101

I'm not a Fitz fan AT ALL. However, this Fitz-centric episode is probably one of my favorite episodes of the series!

We see Fitz departing the White House after Mellie's inauguration and heading to Vermont. He arrives to his (baller) home, which is quiet, cold, and lonely. He's not lonely too long--a team of staff come arrive the next morning to assist him around the house and assist him with the Grant Institute, but he promptly fires them all! Dude can't even get a one day break! Fitz agrees and asks to do his own cooking, shopping, and driving much to the chagrin of his Secret Service crew. We see him struggle with learning how to activate and use a debit card, cook turkeys, and live out in the world without much oversight. Really makes me wonder how life really is immediately post-Presidency. 

Fitz calls Marcus because he's bored to tears, but Marcus is partying it up in Cuba. Marcus finally arrives and they discuss talking to donors to fund the Grant Institute. He asks Fitz about the amount Liv will be featured in the Grant Institute and Fitz appears dumbfounded. Fitz gets uncomfortable, as he always does, and decides to take Marcus to the bar. After both of them reminiscing about their lost loves, Fitz decides that Olivia and Cyrus should be featured the same, asserting she did not run his Presidency. Marcus (and I) gave a hard side eye.

On Day 74, Fitz begins meeting with donors and telling and re-telling the same boring stories to appease them. Marcus sits by quietly but also serves as Marcus' errand boy. Luckily, Marcus ain't having that! He begins packing his things and the two of them get into an argument, throwing low jabs at each other...followed by a fist fight! 

Marcus gives Mellie a late-night call to ask for advice about Fitz. She gives him the stages of Fitz, which was SOOOO accurate. Meanwhile, Fitz arrives home and finds Eli Pope in his house. He is completely paranoid, believing Olivia has everyone under surveillance. Eli tells Fitz everything--about how Olivia was responsible for Luna Vargas' death to now running command. He ultimately tells Fitz that he's the only person who can control Olivia.

Marcus and Fitz make up, and Fitz tells Marcus he wants to return to D.C. after Mellie's first 100 days.

In a sub-plot, a young Black man is protesting a monument of a man who owned slaves. Ahh, art imitating life. Fitz sees it on the nightly news, but doesn't give it much thought. Marcus tries to wake him up to the issue, but Fitz doesn't get it and wants to avoid local politics on a "complicated" topic. It ain't that complicated, Fitz. At the end of the episode, Fitz meets with the man at the statute, delivers him new gloves, and takes a selfie with him--which gives a new boost to the man's protest and ultimately gets the statute removed.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • Olivia is Hilary Clinton, Beyonce, and Sista Souljah all wrapped into one.–Marcus
  • Welcome to the plight of almost everyone successful one in the history of mankind.-Marcus.
  • All Black people count.-Marcus (Yup! Marcus killed this episode)
  • Isn't this what guys talk about at bars?!?!-Fitz
  • Who runs the world? One girl.--Eli Pope

Overall: As I said at the beginning of this post, I unexpectedly LOVED this episode. It was incredibly well-written and directly, and someone (i.e., Marcus) finally called Fitz on his mess and Fitz appeared to internalize some of it. My favorite scene was Eli and Fitz exchange lines from Malcolm X.

Prediction(s): Fitz will go back to annoying me next week since Eli is now in his head.

 Were you cheering at the fist fight? Is it really that hard to cook a turkey? Did you enjoy this Fitz-centric episode? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

Scandal: S7 E4 Lost Girls

Scandal: S7 E4 Lost Girls

Roll On: November 10, 2017

Roll On: November 10, 2017