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Scandal: S7 E2 Pressing the Flesh

Scandal: S7 E2 Pressing the Flesh

Dean Norris (Breaking Bad; Claws) is in this episode?!?! Why couldn’t they include him sooner? Oh well. Let’s hop into this crazy episode.

Olivia and Curtis got it on (Salt & Peppa’s Push It is even playing!)!!! He’s trying to be her date to the state dinner, but Liv isn’t trying to hear that mess right now.

Cyrus wants to go back to being friends with Olivia. He’s whining about having to sit next to a campaign contributor, Fenton Glackland (Dean Norris), who is not very…refined. During the state dinner, he’s being super annoying and discussing political aspirations. When they take a tour of the White House, landing the Oval Office, Cyrus finally has had it—he goes off on Fenton calling him a slob. The episode ends by Fenton sending Cyrus an uber-expensive piece of artwork by one of his favorite artists.

Abby is busy trying to get tickets to the state dinner from her former bae David, and it works. QPA is going to the state dinner with a few fake aliases. Everyone is doing an excellent job mingling with potential clients, except poor Huck who doesn’t know how to engage in small talk aside from murder. Haha!

Meanwhile, the Bashrani President is also coming to the state dinner with the intention of discussing a nuclear treaty. He isn’t in a good mood, especially after hearing about the CIA operative that was in their country (see the previous episode). Olivia tries to convince the President into signing the treaty, but after what she pulled with the ambassador, he is not budging. Later, Huck’s savviness kicks in and he identifies a Bashrani assassin who is there to kill the Bashrani President. Was this set up by Olivia? It wasn't clear.

The funniest, albeit random, scene was President Mellie Grant wanting to get out and date and party…AND wanting a vibrator. #firstworldproblems Olivia just laughs in her face, tells her it’s a lonely job, and it was unclear if this plotline was resolved. LOL

Last random scene: Charlie wants to get married. Like now! It looks like we’ll have a wedding this season. I love this crazy couple so much.

The episode ends with Olivia about to take Curtis back to her place. They get upstairs of her apartment building…where Fitz is standing.

Quote(s) of the Week:

  • There’s a famine in my lady bits! –President Mellie Grant
  • The portions…insulting. –Fenton Glackland

Overall: Good episode. A ton of funny moments, but I didn’t feel like the plot evolved. Maybe I’m just getting anxious as we approach the end of the series…

Side note: The music was incredibly loud this episode! I know people have complained about this with Shondaland shows in the past, but this episode it was very distracting.

Prediction(s): Liv will push Fitz away because he’s a distraction to her at this point.

Are we ready for Cyrus to have a new love? What do you think about Fitz's return? Are you ready for the Charlie-Quinn wedding? Leave your Scandal thoughts in the comments below!

Roll On: October 20, 2017

Roll On: October 20, 2017

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