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HTGAWM: S4 E7 Nobody Roots for Goliath

HTGAWM: S4 E7 Nobody Roots for Goliath

Drama, drama, drama. This show is getting better by the week. Let's jump in!

Annalise: Annalise tells Dr. Isaac she's done with seeing him for sessions after his ex-wife Jacqueline tells her about their daughter's suicide. His ex believes he is using drugs again and offers to see Annalise for therapy or, at minimum, sign off on her disciplinary board paperwork. Sooo many ethical concerns here. Dr. Isaac tries to stop her, believe she'll relapse.

Annalise is up for the certification hearing for the class action suit. She's up against a power team led by the Attorney General, who try to assert she is incompetent to serve as counsel based on her alcohol use history. Annalise has documents of her sobriety, but their team has a picture of her holding a bottle of scotch outside her home! She said it was on her car and she was throwing it away. She was set up! Nate accuses Bonnie of planting the photo, but Bonnie reminds him that Annalise is a vodka drinker. Duh!

Annalise goes to the DA for help (?!) since he has beef with the Attorney General and will be going up against him in the election. A secretary from the DA's office admits to planting the bottle on Annalise's car and taking the photograph. Annalise is back on track...until Bonnie aligns herself with the Attorney General.

Jacqueline signs off on Annalise's paperwork and Annalise is still wondering why she was Isaac's trigger (like we are). The ex just says he's triggered by those he really cares about. Still vague, but we'll take it. Later, Annalise hears someone in her apartment and when she goes to see who's there (with a gun in hand), she only finds a bottle of vodka on her counter. Bonnie? Well, she's worried enough to move into Nate's home (!).

Dr. Isaac shows up to the courthouse--He's been subpoenaed by the Attorney General to testify against Annalise. But he doesn't, even with the tough inquiry on the stand. Bonnie set it all up and Nate is not here for it. Anyway, the Judge allows the case action lawsuit to go further!

Annalise goes to visit Isaac to confront him on his lies on the stand. She is concerned about further hurting people and asks if she's triggering him. He believes it was Bonnie who told him about her triggering him, but Annalise tells him it was his ex-wife. Duh duh duh...

Keating 4: Asher and Michaela are still on the rocks--All Michaela cares about is whether or not Asher has snitched. Asher tells Laurel and Michaela to loop Frank into everything before he tells him. Frank is not down with their plot at all.

Meanwhile, Oliver is helping Simon with a virus on his computer. Simon is finally humbled and nervous because he in the U.S. via DACA and could get deported if he loses his job. Michaela snatches Oliver up and tells him that everyone knows about their take down, but Connor. Oliver wants to tell Connor, but Michaela insists he can't. At the same time, Tegan asks Michaela to plan a party for the Antaris launch. Oy vey!

Laurel plays the "love card" with Frank in order to get him on board with her venegance plan against her father. Asher still doesn't want to be involved and gets pretty hostile with the team. This is exactly why they didn't want to tell you! Michaela and Asher have another big blow up, and eventually Asher discloses his feelings of being the backup boyfriend and brings up the fact that Michaela has never gotten rid of her $20k Vera Wang gown. At the end of the day, Asher decides to join the team...for Wes. The team's final plan is to take Simon's key card and frame him for any security breach. As Oliver says, they're all going to hell.

The episode ends with Laurel swabbing Frank to determine paternity, Michaela destroying her wedding gown to makeup with Asher, and Connor proposing to Oliver with a twisty tie! Oliver feels tremendous guilt and discloses the team's plan.

What happened to Laurel’s baby: In the flash forward, its clear there is another accident/murder aside from Laurel's missing baby. An adult male is on a table being revived on an operating room table! Who is it?!?!?! Given what we know, my guesses are: Nate, Connor, Simon, or Laurel's dad. I know, those are a lot of guesses, but I can't nail one down!

Burning Questions: Who is this magical person Nate keeps talking about? How will Dr. Isaac respond to his ex-wife about her disclosure? Where is Annalise covered in blood in a shower.

Overall: The writers definitely increased our anxiety for the winter finale! Who's dead? What in the hell happened? I'm ready for it all. In all honesty, I hope Laurel's dad didn't have much to do with Wes's death. But we'll see how it plays out. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Michaela pouring ketchup all over that wedding gown. Selling it would have been just fine, girl.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Bon Bon made me eggs for breakfast.-Asher
  • White parents are weird.-Annalise
  • How's Little Waitlist?-Connor

Will Michaela and Asher reconcile? What is Mr. Castillo's ultimate motive? Also, what is really going on with Dr. Isaac?? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

Roll On: November 17, 2017

Roll On: November 17, 2017

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