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HTGAWM: S4 E5 I Love Her

HTGAWM: S4 E5 I Love Her

A Bonnie-centric episode?? Annalise-Bonnie back story?? I'm here for it!

Bonnie: Things pick up shortly after where we ended last episode--Bonnie aka Julie is seeing Dr. Isaac for therapy. We get a flashback to 2002 when Annalise is working for a law firm and defending a politician who has been accused of rape by a long-haired Bonnie. We discovered that her father trafficked her out to men and she had a child who she cannot account for (i.e., we don't know if her father killed the baby or dropped the baby off somewhere). Annalise's firm make her take over the case and force her to cross-examine Bonnie harshly in exchange for making partner at the firm. Annalise obliges, accusing Bonnie of forgetting who her accuser was, and wins the case for the councilman. However, shortly after the trial, Annalise quits the firm and finds Bonnie--asking her to start law school at the university she was recently hired, and come work and live with her. And that was the beginning of their relationship...

In her current therapy session, Bonnie realizes she left one abusive relationship (i.e., her father) for another (i.e., Annalise). Why? Because she loves Annalise. THEN Bonnie...erm, Julie, says a bit too much (mentioning a class action lawsuit) to Dr. Isaac and he realizes that she's the Bonnie that Annalise recently fired!

Annalise: In present day, Annalise is covertly scouting potential plaintiffs for a class action lawsuit; even the woman who beat her up in jail! However, Bonnie is onto her plan and finds out she has been speaking to people in the jail. Bonnie undoes all of Annalise's hard work in campaigning to the potential plaintiffs, which results in another epic Annalise-Bonnie showdown. "I helped you because I saw you...You were never trash in my eyes." Ugh!! Is this This Is Us?!?!

In the flashback, we also saw Sam (!) helping Annalise with her hormone shots presumably as fertility treatments.

Keating 4: Looks like Oliver has been hired by Caplan & Gold as an IT specialist. Meanwhile, Michaela is awarded some fierce blue-studded Louboutins for her involvement in last week's case. Both team up and hack into Tegan's computer and find an important cease and desist letter, but trigger an alarm, take a screenshot, and quickly log out.

Connor is jobless, drinking, and back on Humper. When we think he's about to meet-up with a hot new guy, he decides to go see Annalise instead and HE'S A HOT MESS. Annalise finally convinces him that he's stronger than he thinks, and asks him to come work for her with the class action lawsuit.

Asher knows Michaela has been lying to him and finally overhears her talking to Laurel. He tries to call her to ask her about her whereabouts one night, and she lies--but he's outside Laurel's place watching the lie play out. Uh oh...

Laurel: Laurel is now having more (and consensual) sex with Frank. Right before their next rendezvous, Frank asks if the baby is his and Laurel furiously kicks him out. Yikes!

Frank: Frank is busy studying for the LSAT with Asher and sleeping with Laurel. That's all.

What happened to Laurel’s baby: During the latest flash forward, we see Connor crying in jail!!! What did you do?!?!

Burning Questions: Why is Connor in jail? How will Dr. Isaac handle this Annalise-Bonnie connection? Was it pure coincidence Bonnie went to him for help? Can't be given she used an alias and surely he's not the only psychologist in the Philly-area, right?

Overall: One of my favorite episodes of the series! We've been waiting for the Bonnie-Annalise history and the wait paid off. Huge kudos to Liza Weil's performance!!! Also, Annalise's "I still got it" dance was the best!

My early prediction: there are one or more deaths beyond the Laurel baby mystery. I think Connor may die. I don't know if this show would kill another major character, but these he seems expendable at this time.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • I'm gonna cut off your penis if my name is not on that door next month. –Annalise
  • We ain't all Single White Female like you.-Nate

What did you think about this Bonnie-centric episode? Was everything resolved for you? Were you happy to see Sam make a re-appearance?  Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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