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HTGAWM: S4 E4 Was She Ever Good at Her Job?

HTGAWM: S4 E4 Was She Ever Good at Her Job?

This episode is all about the women. Tons of strong actresses this episode and each of them killed it!! Maybe I should stop using that phrase during this show....

Annalise: Annalise is quickly plotting her class action lawsuit, identifying all the key players she need to involve, including thinking about 40 plaintiffs she needs to file the suit by starting with ADA Cross' past clients. But first, she needs money. Annalise hunts down President Hargrove and convinces Hargrove to hire her as co-counsel in her divorce case. Who is the main counsel? Tegan (with Michaela). Duh duh duh. Annalise is fine, but Michaela is obviously uncomfortable. In the end, Michaela finds the evidence they need against the husband in order to get a great divorce settlement. Annalise gets her money. Tegan even offered her a job resulting in a brutal Michaela-Annalise showdown! Annalise pays for some court transcripts and ends the episode sorting through cases for potential clients for the class action lawsuit.

In therapy, Dr. Isaac confronts her on the loss of Wes, discussing the impact of his "suicide" on her. Annalise became defensive, but later Dr. Isaac sends her a copy of the progress notes to the Board in order to put her at ease. Later, we see her therapist discussing how she's a trigger for him. How so??? At the very end, a new patient named Julie arrived to his office--It's Bonnie!

Bonnie: She convinces the DA to allow her to review all of ADA Cross' old cases. She's onto Annalise's plot. Nate encourages her to drop her vengeance.

Keating 4: Connor's dad and step-father are on their way and we get a episode of Connor's family drama and life history. Connor thinks his father is their to get his tuition money back, but he actually tells Connor that he is settling for Oliver!

Also, Michaela does get limited access to Tegan's files. She has an idea though--Hire Oliver as an IT person!

Laurel: She's off of her anti-depressants and super horny (to the point where she's checking out Asher's butt!). Instead she forces herself onto Frank in a car. Problematic and awkward.

Laurel begins researching into DA Denver's campaign and finds out that the man who Antaris who died is now donating to Denver's campaign.

Frank: He tried to give Annalise the 'dead baby' money. Not cool, Frank.

What happened to Laurel’s baby: We see another scene from Missing Baby Night. We see Dr. Isaac try to call "Julie," but she's at the Caplan & Gold law office. We see a lot of blood and Ollie quivering in a chair. WTH?!?!

Burning Questions: Is a Connor-Oliver breakup on its way?

Overall: Another solid episode. Again, love the strong performances from all the actresses this episode.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Because I'm an adult who needs a job. Go do yours.-Bonnie
  • I hate most of the people in this firm, but I work with them because I'm a boss bitch.-Tegan
  • Are you always this bad? -Tegan
  • Was she ever good at her job? ...Now she's like a grandma trying to use a DVR.-Teagan
  • He'll be lucky if he walks out of here with his balls.-Annalise
  • You're doing it again. Looking for mommy everywhere you go...You want us to be the mother yours never was.-Annalise (DAMN!)

Were you happy about Annalise and President Hargrove reuniting? What do you think about Connor's father's advice? Ever make an e-mail error like Annalise? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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