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HTGAWM: S4 E3 It's for the Greater Good

HTGAWM: S4 E3 It's for the Greater Good

HTGAWM is back to its roots! Drama we care about AND a case of the week. YES!!!

Annalise: Annalise takes a tough case involving an alleged murder of woman in which her client (a former well-tattooed gang member) asserts his innocence. She is using this case to get her legal groove back. Through many twists and turns (including going after Nate on the stand and finding that her jail friend/client OD'd), we discover her client is innocent (the woman jumped from a window), but Annalise wins the case by throwing an ADA under the bus publicly--which resulted her a nasty confrontation where she spits on Annalise! Yikes! This won't be over, especially since Annalise wants to launch a class action lawsuit against the state/DA's office. Annalise and her therapist have a power struggle about her need to save others rather than herself at this time.

Keating 4: The episode kicks off with Michaela not being here for Laurel's b.s. She has a good wig and a good job, and doesn't have time for Laurel's farfetched theories. Michaela returns to work and has to participate in the "Hell Bowl," a company-based trivia game which results in the winner having their selection of which partner they will work under. Moments before, Laurel finds more information implicating Michaela's new firm in working with her father. Michaela obviously kills the Hell Bowl (beating the annoying Simon) and chooses to work for Tegan, who works directly with Laurel's father's company. 

In the biggest news, Connor dropped out of law school!! He uses his tuition refund to drink it up at the strip club. The team sets up an intervention (with meatballs cooked by Frank!) to no avail. He done with all the drama. Or so he thinks...

Bonnie: The Keating 4 (5 with Oliver?) discover that Bonnie is working with the DA's office. Laurel waltzes her way over their and asks Bonnie and Nate for a job, which they decline. Bonnie and Nate are beginning an anti-Annalise all-star team, and even recruit Oliver to hack into her cellphone in order to get evidence to use against Annalise. Shady boots, Oliver. Annalise spots the duo in the parking lot and let's Bonnie have it.

Frank: He's not doing a lot right now. He's living under Bonnie's roof and...studying for law school?! Interesting. Frank also convinces Bonnie to hire Laurel.

What happened to Laurel’s baby: In the new reveal, we find Michaela at the same hospital asking, "Is he dead?" Who is she talking about?!?! I don't think it's the baby. Ahh!!

Burning Questions: Is this ADA story over? Will she come after Annalise? Do we have other missing/dead people aside from Laurel's baby? How does the therapist know who Michaela is?

Overall: What an episode! Like I said at the beginning, HTGAWM is back on track. Annalise had to snatch up several people this episode, but hung in there. I have a feeling we'll have a strong Viola scene at mid-season. There is no way in the world we'll guess what's coming up next.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • You need to witness me wipe, too –Annalise
  • You're about to have a child. You need to stop acting like one.- Annalise

Are you glad the show is back to its Case of the Week format? Do you think Connor will stay out of law school? Is Laurel being rational? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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