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HTGAWM: S4 E2 I’m Not Her

HTGAWM: S4 E2 I’m Not Her

So many questions!!! I feel like this season is going to be more dark and twisty than Meredith Grey. Let's jump into it!

Annalise: The episode opens with her therapist speaking to someone on the phone about her (Laurel’s dad?!). It appears Annalise is just as skeptical as we are because we see her Googling her therapist. We’ll keep this in mind…

Annalise is back to work! She returns to her jail to help defend her former bunkmate, Jasmine (played by the incredible L. Scott Caldwell)—She’s going to defend her. Jasmine has a long history of prostitution, and her most recent offense included soliciting a police officer. This was an amazing story line which discussed human trafficking, and how young girls are forced into this work. Annalise connects with her story (especially given her own abuse) through the course of the episode, and provides an amazing cross-examination at the end which wins her the case!

Back in therapy, her therapist touches upon Annalise’s trauma history. Eventually he discloses his own history of substance use, which makes Annalise cringe because the last time she and her therapist were vulnerable with each other…they eventually married. Love how this show connects all the dots between seasons!

Bonnie: Bonnie now works for the DA’s Office! She has a few encounters with Annalise is gives her the cold shoulder, as Annalise struggles with having to do her own filing of motions and investigate her own case. Also, Nate doesn’t trust that Bonnie is working solo now (neither do we really), but finally comes around to helping her. He says they need a support group...Annalise Anonymous! haha!

Keating 4: The Keating 4 have their letters in tow and they all head to a Law Fair to find new placements. Due to all the murders and rumors on campus, many of their interviews involve questions about Annalise. Everyone struggles to be impressive during interviews, except for Michaela.

Laurel: Laurel is quite distracted by her father’s involvement is Wes’s murder and missed her callback interview with a non-profit firm. She finds out about a murder of her father’s employee and finds the law firm that represented her father in that case. In the last few moments of the episode, we find out the same firm just hired Michaela! Laurel asks her to help her take down her father for Wes’s death!

Frank: He made a few short appearances—1. He’s stalking Laurel. 2. He’s taking the LSAT soon (?!?! Interesting). 3. He helped Annalise get a sealed juvenile file for her case and told Annalise he would always be there for her—whether she likes it or not!

What happened to Laurel’s baby: We get a re-play of last week’s reveal with a few additional details. After hearing Laurel cry out, the therapist slips into hallway to call Annalise and find her ("She's awake!"). Bonnie is at a crime scene...outside of Annalise's apartment! She walks around the corner and there's a lot of blood in the elevator across the hall. Dun, dun, dun...

Burning Questions: Why is the therapist anywhere near Frank and/or Laurel?

Overall: This was a slow episode. We needed it in order to get everyone’s lives back on track. I did love the “case of the week,” and hope they continue with more of this Season 1 model.

Quote(s) of the week:

  • Well you shoulda [Googled me] because I’m quite interesting! –Annalise
  • Not a quote but, Control Ollie Delete was the best name ever!

Is Bonnie with the DA just to keep a watching eye? Will Oliver's IT company be successful? How will Michaela handle this news of knowing about Wes's murder? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

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