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HTGAWM: S4 E1 I’m Going Away

HTGAWM: S4 E1 I’m Going Away

We’re back! That was one long summer without Shondaland television (Sorry, I couldn’t get into Still Star Crossed). The saddest part is that I had a template for these posts and had to remove Wes’s name *tear* Again, we’ll do a rundown by character.

Annalise: Most of the episode centers on Annalise going back home. On the plane, she meets a dapper man named Desmond who begins hitting on her—played by Viola’s real life husband, Julis Tennon! Anyway, fast forward to Momma Keating’s home. It appears her dementia is worsening—to the point where Annalise’s (or Anna Mae’s) father has to put a bell on the door to keep her from wandering out. Annalise wants to put her in an elder care facility, but she ain’t having it.

A stressed Annalise avoids drinking but goes to meeting up with Desmond; however, before their romp, he gets a call. He says it’s his daughter, but we’re not playing those games.

Late at night, Momma Keating wakes Annalise believing the house is burning down. After Annalise is able to center her, she cleans her mother up and they share this incredibly tender moment together. Ms. Cecily Tyson is 92 and still delivering powerful acting!!! Then, she agrees to check out the elder care facility, and when they do…it doesn’t seem like the kinda place she would like. Annalise and her father got into an argument where he blamed Annalise for her mother’s memory episodes.

Annalise and her mom have a conversation about loss. Her mother discusses the hurt she feels for Annalise for losing so much. Another touching moment…Then Annalise’s father finally apologizes for the abuse Annalise went through as a child. A ton of closure back at home.

Lastly, Annalise flies back to home to go to court, and accepts responsibility for her actions (including Wes’s “suicide”) and it pays off. She isn’t disbarred! She’ll continue to be mandated to treatment.

Laurel: Laurel’s Daddy comes to visit! She calls him a liar because she knows Dominic wouldn’t just be in New York by chance. She tells her father she found out she was pregnant (he asks if the baby is Frank’s!), but she had an abortion. He consoles her and they take the creepiest father-daughter photo ever.

Connor & Oliver: First and foremost, where is Connor’s facial hair?!?! I do not like this look. Any who…After a great moment about bachelorette parties crashing gay clubs, these two are talking about marriage! However, it doesn’t seem that Connor is quite ready. The episode ends with Connor saying he wants a semblance of normalcy before he jumps into marriage. That’s growth!

Michaela & Asher: These two are shopping to mattresses. Awkward.

Frank & Bonnie: Frank is shopping for new offices. He wants to spend his suitcase money on the new suite and he appears in denial about his ruptured relationship with Annalise. He tells Bonnie he’ll win her back eventually.

Hannah Keating: It looks like Hanna Keating is suing Annalise for the homeowner’s insurance claim. This is going to get juicy…

The Dinner: Throughout the episode, everyone gets texts from Annalise asking them to all meet for a dinner. Laurel arrives a few minutes late and everyone has envelopes on their platters. What is this? Money? She tells the Keating 4 that she hasn’t been disbarred. Laurel announces that she is keeping her baby (What?!?!) to several mixed reactions. After fussing, Annalise tells them the envelope are filled with letters of recommendation, so they can move on with their lives. Again, everyone has mixed reactions. Bonnie tells Annalise she made a good decision when…Annalise hands Bonnie a letter too! She fired Bonnie!!! Jaw drop of the episode. Annalise gets a new apartment (a hotel room) after dinner. Lastly, Annalise meets with her new therapist (Jimmy Smits!).

DA: The episode ends with Bonnie going to meet the DA. Nate glares at her as Nate does.

Mystery of the Season/What happened to Laurel’s baby: Laurel received the creepy father-daughter photo via text and she types “Why did you kill Wes?” AHHHH!!!! She knows!!! However, she doesn’t send it!! The last few seconds we see Frank and Annalise’s therapist rush into a hospital room to find Laurel awakening (apparently she had drugs in her system!). She asks, “Where’s the baby?”

Not quite murder (we hope), but still a big mystery. Miscarriage? Forced miscarriage? Annalise stole the baby? Laurel’s dad stole the baby? Why is Annalise’s therapist there? Let’s buckle up for this crazy ride!

Quote(s) of the week:

  • You used to have a shelf booty. Can’t put nothing on that now! —Momma Keating
  • Are we talking Oprah money or Gayle money? —Momma Keating
  • Whose good ole days?! —Momma Keating

What did you think of Episode 1? Is this season’s mystery going to be enough? Will Laurel seek vengeance against her father? Leave your thoughts on How to Get Away with Murder in the comments.

HTGAWM: S4 E2 I’m Not Her

HTGAWM: S4 E2 I’m Not Her

Roll On: October 7, 2017

Roll On: October 7, 2017