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Scandal S6 E1: Survival of the Fittest

Scandal S6 E1: Survival of the Fittest

I've missed Scandal a lot. I'm glad I'm now able to share my Shondaland joy with you all!

Overall: Partial life imitating art, especially since this episode was filmed in September. First woman candidate losing by a small margin. Allegations of voter tampering. I’d be curious to know how the cast felt after Secretary Clinton lost the electoral vote. Good call on the Shondaland team for delaying the episode a week (it was scheduled for the day before the inauguration).

Frankie: The almost POTUS was assassinated. I really liked him and would was okay when he won the election.  R.I.P. and see you on the next ABC show ;)

Olivia: Olivia and Mellie’s moment in the bathroom was special. The end of the episode had me worried. Olivia may truly be her father’s daughter in her need for power.

Mellie: Poor Mellie. First an electoral college loss, then having to navigate whether or not she should proceed.

Fitz: The moment between Fitz and Mellie almost had me forget they were divorced (even long lost Teddy made an appearance this episode!). Then Fitz became all Fitz again. He never wanted Mellie (or Olivia) in the White House. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was ultimately involved in the assassination.

Pappa Pope: This man can give a mean monologue. He needs to open up his own acting master class. Survival of the fittest, Olivia.

Cyrus: Vice President Bean. If you were faking shock, bravo. That was some incredible acting. I really hope Cyrus wasn’t involved in the assassination.

Marcus: When did he become Press Secretary? Cool, I guess. I can’t wait to see how Mellie’s loss affects the two of them.

Huck: An explosive start for Huck and Quinn. Huck’s impeccable attention to detail score them a lead on the call revealing who may been involved in the assassination.

Quinn: Congratulations? Weirdest engagement proposal ever. I do love these two, so I’ll accept it.

Jake: Where was he? I’m not fully convinced that he was wasn’t involved.

Prediction(s): It’s about to go down! The Olivia vs. Cyrus war is going to be brutal. Though, again, I think Olivia is pointing at the wrong target.

Who do you think is responsible for Frankie’s assassination? Are you happy for the engaged couple? Let us know your Scandal reactions in the comments!

Black History Month

Black History Month

Roll On: January 27, 2017

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