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HTGAWM: S3 E10 We’re Bad People

HTGAWM: S3 E10 We’re Bad People

We’re back for Season 3B and they Shondaland went high octane this week!

Wes: I can’t with the flashbacks. I can’t with the dead body and autopsy. I still can’t believe Wes is gone. His flashbacks were confusing the timeline even further. I believe each this week served a purpose, even the jewelry buying one.

Annalise: Jail don’t look good on you, girl. Hang in there, poop, and watch yourself around your cellmates. At least those prison garb colors looked good on her!

Frank: What are you up to, bruh? How much do you know? Taking the fall for Wes’s murder isn’t going to resolve anything. At least he’s looking good.

Bonnie: Put on your big girl pants! You’re now Annalise’s attorney. Sam would say you’re as good as Annalise? I need to hear this backstory!

Laurel: Wes IS the father! I think Laurel knows more than she is letting on.

Nate: Well played, Nate. Atwood tried to keep that secret. However, I don’t like how Nate is trying to go rouge and get all the inside scoop on the autopsy. I’m watching you…

Connor: Wow! Connor is back to being old Connor, and Asher wasn’t having it.

ADA Atwood: So smug. But that sexual harassment claim shook her a bit. However, she made a good play presenting the tentative Wes deal.

Oliver: You’re all in now, buddy. Buckle up. You and Connor either need to make up or stay a part before this all gets uglier. Also, what is on the phone???

Michaela: Momma gone. I didn’t care to have her around right now anyway.

Asher: Baby Trump has a mean right hook! 

Hannah Keating: She wasn’t “back,” but she’s in the mix…

Who Killed Wes Prediction(s): We’re in for a messy chess game during Season 3B. Right now I’m thinking Nate or Laurel. I think Oliver may have a call from Nate to Annalise (or vice versa) that is incriminating. Laurel is still Annalise’s puppet…

What are you Wes killer predictions? Are you praying for Oliver? Let us know your HTGAWM reactions in the comments!

Roll On: January 27, 2017

Roll On: January 27, 2017

This is Us: S1 E11 Three Sentences

This is Us: S1 E11 Three Sentences