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This is Us: S1 E11 Three Sentences

This is Us: S1 E11 Three Sentences

This is Us?!?! Nah, This is Tears! Let’s jump into it.

Rebecca: 10-year-olds are demanding man! Her moment with Kid Randall was the cutest. Her and Jack do such a great job in making sure he is included, happy, and safe. On another note: I have to agree with Rebecca for once. Having another kid (or multiple!) sounds like too much for them.

Jack: Jack making those Madonna gloves. Voguing with Kid Kate. My heart melted into the biggest puddle. He is the best.

Kate: Camp before surgery appears to be a good idea. I think time alone from the Big 3, work, and Toby will give Kate the push she needs to becoming healthy. Kate picking up guys at camp? He creeps me out. Don’t fall for him, Kate!

Toby: I heart Toby! So supportive and encouraging. Also, I want to see more Kevin and Toby adventures.

Randall: Who’s this dude trying to snatch Randall’s job?? Also, Kid Randall is the coolest. Those no-show kids (and their parents) are jerks.

William: Chemo boost has William is feeling better and fun. He’s such a cool dude. Son teaching father how to drive? Too cute. YOLO, William!

Kevin: Kevin was married??? To someone he met in childhood? Anywho…Make up your mind, Kevin! You should have left the drama with Kid Kevin.

Sophie: She married Kevin??? I can’t hate a child, but…I can’t forgive her for that pig note to Kate… We’ll see where this storyline goes.

Overall: Ugh! Glimpses of Jack’s funeral almost had me bawling. The Big 3 were still so young when Jack passed too! I really don't want to know how he died.

Quote(s) of the week: “I feel like sex!”—William; “If Macaulay Culkin can do it, so can I!”—Toby; “See those two women? They look like Westworld hosts!”—Toby

Predictions: We don’t return until Feb. 7. I fear William won’t have much time left after this chemo boost which will be difficult for Randall (and us). I speculate shakiness between Toby and Kate, and I sure hope it’s not due to horse guy.

Are you going to cry at William's death? What do you think about Sophie? Or creepy camp guy? Let us know your This is Us reactions in the comments!

HTGAWM: S3 E10 We’re Bad People

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