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Post-Season Review: Insecure

Post-Season Review: Insecure

We’ve mentioned this incredible, groundbreaking show in our Roll On several weeks in a row. If you are unfamiliar with Issa Rae, several years ago she released a YouTube series called The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, which grew a huge audience. Due to its success, and the success of the other shows on Issa Rae Productions, Issa was quickly offered deals from major networks. Us fans impatiently waited, but the wait paid off with the HBO show Insecure. IMDB description of Insecure: “Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African American woman.” Here is a character-by-character synopsis:

Warning: This review has some minor spoilers.

Issa (Issa Rae): Dodging microaggressions and rapping away her pain, Issa is a 30-something Black woman who works at an urban youth program (hilarious name of We Got Ya’ll)…run by predominately White employees. Issa is the protagonist of the series who struggles with issues in her career, relationship, life…and her insecurities. Sometimes you’re rooting for her, other times you’re doing a face palm.

Molly (Yvonne Orji): Molly is Issa’s best friend—a high powered, accomplished 3rd year associate at a law firm. She has it all…except the man she is wanting. But what does she want? She tackles this question throughout the season while sometimes paralleling Issa’s relationship battles. Again, sometimes I rock with her, other times I'm giving her a side-eye.

Lawrence (Jay Ellis): Lawrence is Issa’s boyfriend who, while smart, has been unemployed for several years. Their relationship is at a complacent stage when the series begins, but becomes rocky later on. Not a surprise—their relationship (and the season) ends in limbo.

Daniel (Y’lan Noel): Issa’s ex-boyfriend from back in the day who is a music producer. Good guy. They get reconnected in the first episode and of course, drama occurs. In the end, he’s still a good guy. I wonder if we’ll see him again…

Rasheeda (Gail Bean): AKA Dada. One of the most controversial B-characters and B-storylines of the series that seemed a bit unresolved for some viewers. She is a law intern at Molly’s firm who is unapologetic in her ways. Molly tries to convince her to code switch to fit into corporate culture, but to no avail. This storyline delves into the tricky topics, such as being the “only” in a corporate environment and maintaining authenticity.

Tasha (Dominique Perry): Tasha is a bank teller who is friendly/friends with Lawrence. She likes Lawrence, but obviously goes into the friend zone since Lawrence and Issa are together.

Tiffany (Amanda Seales): Is that Amanda Diva?!?! I think most viewers can agree her character is awful. She’s the friend we all know who never has anything positive to say about anyone, so you know she talks about you behind your back, but you have history and hang out with her anyway. Sigh. At least Issa called her on it in the end. I hope they give her a bigger role in Season 2 and her own insecurities come out.

Kelli (Natasha Rothwell): Kelli is a riot. She has some of the best one-liners of the show. Again, I can’t wait for her bigger role in Season 2. Fans have said she needs her own show…well, she’s getting one!

Frieda (Lisa Joyce): Awww! Frieda is a well-meaning White ally co-worker of Issa who could still use a few more of those HR cultural/diversity training classes. She is a great, subtle comedic relief.

Thug Yoda (Tristen Winger): Bouch. LMAO. Enough said…

Overall, Insecure is amazing AF! It speaks to me because I can relate to the main characters. I’m proud of a show such as Insecure because it breaks away from stereotypes and shows other Black stories. Soon the media (and public) will realize Black people are not a heterogenous group, and have various stories to tell and roles to portray (see How to Get Away With Murder, Luke Cage, Atlanta, Black-ish, and Queen Sugar this year alone). At ten 30-minute episodes, it was way too short, but told a cohesive story; thus, maybe it should stick to this format. It quickly got renewed for Season 2, so I can’t wait until next year. AND Issa Rae received a Golden Globe nomination for her role. Check it out on HBO now!

Have you watched Insecure? Did you enjoy it like we did? Leave it in the comments.

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