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Turn Up the Music: 24K Magic

Turn Up the Music: 24K Magic

24K Magic is Bruno Mars’ third studio album. Bruno co-wrote all of the tracks on the album and one of my favorite production teams, The Stereotypes (see Danity Kane, Travis Garland, Ne-Yo’s Why Does She Stay, I could go on and on), was all over this album. I’m so happy that during this 4th quarter Bruno and other artists (i.e., Solange, Usher) have finally been giving us excellent classic R&B music. Let's jump into the tracks:

24K Magic: The lead single everyone already knows. It’s a classic Bruno earworm and hit. Good song for you and your crew to dance to before heading out on a Friday/Saturday night.

Chunky: Bruno performed this song recently on SNL and given the reception, I anticipate it to be the second single. It has a good groove that you can two-step to during the holidays. I can see this song playing through next summer.

Perm: A very funk-inspired song that makes me want to James Brown dance (I won’t, don’t worry). Gotta throw some perm on your attitude…you gotta relax. Bars. I would love to see this performed live with choreography.

That’s What I Like: Classic R&B mid-tempo song with a modern groove.

Versace on the Floor: Time to slow it down. Versace is a sexy love song without the flair which allows Bruno to show off his vocals.

Straight Up & Down: Again, another classic, 90s-flavored R&B track. I saw a lot of people on social media say this is one of their favorite songs.

Calling All My Lovelies: This song has my favorite line of the album: “I got Alicia waiting/Iesha waiting/all the –eshas waiting on me” WHAT?!?! LOL. It’s a fun song that also shows off Bruno’s vocal range. Nice harmonies throughout. If you haven’t listened to the album, there is a nice feature from a leading lady’s voicemail on the track…

Finesse: My favorite song of the album. It gives me New Edition-BBD-Boyz II Men-Teddy Riley vibes and I love it! It was on repeat the entire weekend following the album’s release. So much nostalgia while being a great swag-filled love song.

Too Good to Say Goodbye: Nice song slower tempo song to wind down the album. Babyface co-wrote this track and it shows from the lyrics and production. This is the song you’re going to slow dance to. I also had MJ-vibes from this song which made it special as well.

Bangers: 24K Magic (of course!) and Finesse are my favorite songs. Finesse brings me so much joy. 

Ditch It: NONE! You can listen to this album straight without skipping a track (and you should do so).

Overall, 24K Magic is a flawless album. Classic R&B, soul, funk, New Jack Swing, while still keeping it modern and fresh. When other artists slump in their 3rd album, I have a feeling Bruno is just getting started. The only downside is the album is short with only 9 songs. However, I think it was good quality control on Bruno’s part. I am hoping for a deluxe edition at some point with a few additional songs. I don’t know why this album wasn’t released before the Grammy deadline. Tickets for the 24K Magic World Tour went on sale Monday, so hopefully I can see him late next year!

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