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HTGAWM S3 E9: Who's Dead?

HTGAWM S3 E9: Who's Dead?

OMG!!!!!!!!! Pete Nowalk, Shondaland, and television (I’m looking at you too, The Walking Dead) are trying to kill me this fall season. This was A+ storytelling. The layers of the story from season to season, and how the writers intersect them all, is perfection. My gurney guess may have been wrong, but I'm alright with that. Let's jump in:

Wes: Why?!?!?!?! Ya’ll took my boy!!!! R.I.P. Puppy. After two amazing seasons, I think the wild ride for this show just got started.

Annalise: “You should have done it.” COLD-BLOODED! “Girl, bye!” Annalise had bars this week. If Annalise thought Bonnie took a deal, there might be some truth. She is rarely off.

Frank: Frank’s been keeping Rebecca’s body for leverage in this big game. He also didn’t seem very worried about Laurel...

Bonnie: Girl, your disclosure of the Frank hookup to Annalise will keep coming back to bite you. Why does Bonnie love Annalise so much? That kiss! I still need more backstory

Laurel: Her mother was in a psychiatric hospital? We really need Laurel’s full backstory. Laurel wasn’t as burned as Wes…I wonder where she went in the house.

Nate: Props for dumping the ADA. There’s still some sense of love and loyalty for Annalise there. I want to know what time he entered Annalise’s house. He’s now a suspect!

Connor: The old, callous Connor is back. Hopefully the Wes tragedy will bring him and Oliver back together.

ADA Atwood: You can’t just show up to a woman’s hair salon. I don’t like you (even though the actress is so pretty!).

Oliver: Oliver is diving into the deep world of Annalise. I hope he’s really ready.

Michaela: Oh Mickey.

Asher: Everything you did to Michaela was wrong. She’s not going to let you off the hook for this. Also, twerking for Oliver was unnecessary LOL

Who Killed Wes Prediction(s): My life got flipped, turned upside down with this episode. My initial, wild guesses for Wes's killer are: Frank (why not?), Connor (because of the threat last episode), and Laurel (The Puppet). Or maybe Nate because he hasn’t had blood on his hands…Ugh!

I’ll see you all back here on Jan. 19—with Scandal reviews as well!!

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