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HTGAWM S3 E8: No More Blood

HTGAWM S3 E8: No More Blood

The penultimate episode for the winter finale. The story got really complicated tonight. Let’s go!

Annalise: You think Bonnie would snitch on you?? I would hope not. I can’t imagine the hurt Annalise has gone through due to the loss of her child. Although she is clearly still grieving, there is no way she would let Frank kill himself.

Frank: He finally told Laurel he loved her to no avail. Bringing back the woman who was involved with the Mahoney family was a good play. The writers of this show are so good with small details and picturing the long-game of the show.

Wes: A subpoena and testimony…the lies will start to catch up soon. 

Sonya: Ahh, the board didn’t know about her offense. Makes sense. I still don’t trust her. Maybe this show has me overly paranoid.

Laurel: Did [Laurel and Frank] or didn’t they?

Nate: Laurel is playing too many sides. Now Nate is back in the picture.

Oliver: Thomas tried to come crawling back…boy, bye!

Connor: Connor!! He’s trying so hard, but given the mess the Keating 5 has been in, he cannot be in a healthy relationship. But sleeping with Thomas is an ultimate low.

Michaela: Why is her mom calling? Asher should not get involved.

Asher: “We’re ducks and ducks fly together.” LOL Also, would everyone quit wearing Michaela’s robe??

Meggy: Poor Meggy!! At least your hair was incredibly gorgeous!

On the gurney prediction(s): Darn it….and thank goodness!! My guess was wrong and it’s not Connor. I’m in denial about it being Frank, so I’m going back to my second choice: It’s Nate.

Cool Down Sunday: Self-Care

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