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HTGAWM: S3 E6 Is Someone Really Dead?

HTGAWM: S3 E6 Is Someone Really Dead?

What a crazy episode. Everyone is messy. Let’s jump into the characters/story lines:

Annalise: “I’ll chain you in the basement like Rebecca.” Cold. Just cold How is Annalise going to attend AA 3 days per week? Annalise is going to lose her license. Where will the show go from there? Annalise is getting reckless.

Bonnie: Poor Bon-Bon! Annalise went IN on her throughout the whole episode. I need to know why Annalise has this love-hate relationship with Bonnie—what really happened between Sam and Bonnie??

Wes: I think Wes is out for Annalise revenge. He was doing a lot of sitting back and observing this episode. Although they appeared to make up today, I don’t know how that will work in the long run.

Meggy: You’re asking too many questions, girl. You’re not ‘bout this life.

Laurel: I’m a Laurel-Frank shipper. Why is she trying to pretend she doesn’t love Frank? I don’t like this Wes-Laurel hookup.

Michaela: Michaela picked up on Annalise’s coldness this week. But she had to set those boundaries--but then break them. Hope these two are careful. Can’t wait to find out more on why Michaela’s momma is around. Also, I loved the Mean Girls references: “You can’t sit with us [Laurel].”

Asher: I would have dumped him for that Cotton-Eyed Joe dance alone. Poor meat stick. Glad to know he's alive. We need the comedic relief.

Conner: Threatening Wes is not the move.

Simon: Quit trying to make fetch happen. You will never be a part of the Keating 5. Well, unless we have an opening soon…

Nate: *side eye* part 2

ADA Atwood: She was trying to flex against Annalise during the case-of-the-week. You took Nate, what more do you want??

Frank: He’s an expert at framing people. Unfortunately, I think they will prove that the son was on the phone with Mahoney at the time he was shot (and talking to Wes) and couldn’t have been at the scene.

Oliver: He's cute. No, Conner, but cute.

On the gurney prediction(s): I’m still sticking with Nate or Connor. Next week I will try to select one solid pick (unless it is revealed that one of them is alive!).

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dog Life Chose Me: Apollo Peak Halloween Gala

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