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HTGAWM: S3 E5 It's About Frank

HTGAWM: S3 E5 It's About Frank

*TV reviews will have spoilers from the episode (not future episodes). So if you don’t want to get spoiled, simply don’t read.

I apologize I haven’t been reviewing this season early. How to Get Away with Murder is my current favorite Shondaland show! Great storytelling even with the flash forwards and backwards. I will be providing weekly recaps for the rest of the season. I will try to organize according to main characters and storylines of the episode.

Annalise: Sew-ins, beauty shop talk, and bootleg man on primetime television?!?! Yaaaaassss!! I loved the flashbacks to help us learn more about Annalise’s history and psyche. Ms. Viola Davis plays a great drunk and was getting her drunk dance on!

Bonnie & Frank: Oh, Bonnie. Oh, Frank. In season 1, I thought they had a romantic past and thought they had chemistry but dropped that thought. Now, they’re hooking up in a time of distress which they both didn’t need. I can’t believe Frank would leave her like that! I’m also glad we get to know more about how Frank and Bonnie began working with Annalise. I can’t wait to find more about how Sam Keating connects all the dots.

Sonya: The university president, formerly known as Detective LaGuerta (heyyy, Dexter fans!), is not to be trusted!

Simon: Who is this guy? Why did he come for Annalise with the flyers? We aren’t done with his storyline yet…

Wes: Meggie seems like a great catch, Wes! I guess as Connor said, none of you all can be in a regular relationship. But Wes and Laurel doesn’t seem like it would work out well at all either.

Laurel: Does Laurel have any loyalties? I believe she has snitched on all of her friends and lovers at some point throughout the series.

Michaela: Southern accent? White adoptive/foster mom? The producers said we’ll see more of her backstory and I’m looking forward to it.

Nate: *Side eye*

On the gurney prediction(s): My initial prediction at the beginning of the season was that Laurel was the body on the gurney—which obviously we know is no longer true. My rationale is that show will always revolve around the relationship between Annalise and Wes, and that most of the deaths negatively affect Wes. Oh well…

My new guesses—given the new information that it is a male—are: Nate or Connor. Nate is being messy now, so I fear for him. As for my Connor prediction, Annalise saw who was under the blanket on the gurney. She did not tell Oliver who it was because she needed him to wipe the phone and didn’t want him to panic. We’ll see…

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